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Philosophy and essays
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Last update 26 September 2019

Philosophy and essays

What defines small/medium/large formats, anyway? (16 Jul 2019)
Social media algorithms are limiting creativity and subliminally controlling your world view (7 Jun 2019)
Thoughts on travel photography, 2019 edition (5 May 2019)
On visual economics and scarcity (20 Apr 2019)
Repost: Derivative works and photography (7 Apr 2019)
Counterpoint: same subject, different eyes (8 Mar 2019)
Coda: Guess the format (4 Mar 2019)
Photoessay: guess the format (2 Mar 2019)
Bigger isn’t always better, or why you can’t see the difference most of the time (21 Feb 2019)
On-assignment photoessay: From the workbench (18 Feb 2019)
Shoot everything / diminishing returns (15 Feb 2019)
New year’s resolutions, 2019 edition (1 Jan 2019)
The most important things in photography (24 Dec 2018)
Understanding color, from a workflow perspective: part 2 (27 Nov 2018)
Understanding color, from a workflow perspective: part 1 (24 Nov 2018)
Unpreparedness vs opportunity (11 Nov 2018)
Faster isn’t always better (31 Oct 2018)
‘Investing’ in equipment (13 Oct 2018)
Artist’s statement, 2018 edition (4 Sep 2018)
Design, photography and visual priorities (29 Aug 2018)
Le flaneur (15 Jul 2018)
Thoughts on portraiture (9 Jul 2018)
Heresy and sacrilege: MT and SOOC experiments (18 Jun 2018)
Format equivalence, engineering and practical envelope (22 May 2018)
Creativity by the yard (16 Apr 2018)
The habits of successful photographers, part II (29 Mar 2018)
The habits of successful photographers, part I (26 Mar 2018)
Why SOOC still isn’t really workable (20 Mar 2018)
On viewing and presentation methods (14 Mar 2018)
On emotion and images (24 Feb 2018)
Create or document? (18 Feb 2018)
The rise and decline of popular photography (25 Jan 2018)
Creative integrity – or, the Struggling Artist Myth explained (10 Jan 2018)
Favorite images of 2017 (or The Year in Review), part II (7 Jan 2018)
Favorite images of 2017 (or The Year in Review), part I (4 Jan 2018)
Working with multiple systems and formats in the field (15 Dec 2017)
To be a specialist, you have to be a good generalist (9 Dec 2017)
The shooting experience (3 Dec 2017)
Finding inspiration, redux (26 Sep 2017)
Why GAS might actually turn out to be good for you (20 Sep 2017)
Seeing and familiarity (31 Jul 2017)
On photographing architecture (4 Jun 2017)
The design process (23 May 2017)
More images may not always be a good thing… (17 May 2017)
Subconscious associations – or titling, redux (11 May 2017)
Repost: Titling and Storytelling (5 May 2017)
Shifts in subject matter over time (29 Apr 2017)
The art and science of observation (17 Apr 2017)
Diminishing returns and cutoff points (18 Mar 2017)
Optical finder or EVF? (6 Mar 2017)
Why the right hardware is liberating (26 Feb 2017)
The paradox of all creative professions (22 Feb 2017)
Repost: The idea of a ‘5’, or that extra element (18 Feb 2017)
Turning an idea into an image (14 Feb 2017)
Curating to a theme (10 Feb 2017)
Balance beyond photography (6 Feb 2017)
Convergence, equivalence and the future of sensors (2 Feb 2017)
On the curation of a book (25 Jan 2017)
2017 crystal-ball gazing (1 Jan 2017)
Personal favourite images from 2016: or, a year in curation, part II (30 Dec 2016)
Personal favourite images from 2016: or, a year in curation, part I (warning: possibly NSFW) (28 Dec 2016)
On ugliness, beauty, and photography (26 Dec 2016)
Reasons to have multiple lenses in the same focal length/AOV (14 Dec 2016)
Balance and composition beyond photography (4 Dec 2016)
Why most images are compromised (or, whither the decisive moment) (26 Nov 2016)
The more you shoot, the harder it gets (22 Nov 2016)
The concept of ‘visual weight’ (4 Nov 2016)
Repost: Differences between eye and camera: practical implications (31 Oct 2016)
Rules of vision – part II (27 Oct 2016)
Rules of vision (or, things we can’t help seeing) – part I (25 Oct 2016)
Psychologist, philosopher, tinker, spy (21 Oct 2016)
Front bokeh (13 Oct 2016)
Tradeoffs (5 Oct 2016)
On quality of light (1 Oct 2016)
Beyond ‘literal’ photography (20 Sep 2016)
Would they be famous now? Or, the bar has been raised (16 Sep 2016)
Sitting time, objectivity, and always check your B roll… (12 Sep 2016)
Photojournalism has never been objective (31 Aug 2016)
From the archives: The appeal of landscape (27 Aug 2016)
Aesthetics beyond the image (23 Aug 2016)
On critiques and critiquing (9 Aug 2016)
Soul, redux: or, interpretations reflect the audience (5 Aug 2016)
Soul (1 Aug 2016)
The Four Things, redux (28 Jul 2016)
The photographic bucket list (20 Jul 2016)
Formats and creative intent (12 Jul 2016)
The principles of Philippe Halsman (8 Jul 2016)
Artists, creatives and critics (4 Jul 2016)
A creative frame of mind, redux (30 Jun 2016)
Digital resolution: why enough will probably never be enough, and how to solve it (26 Jun 2016)
Das Wimmelbild in der Fotografie (24 Jun 2016)
Some (possibly unexpected) advice for aspiring pros (10 Jun 2016)
Repost: the value of having a muse (6 Jun 2016)
Structure (2 Jun 2016)
On vision and post processing (15 May 2016)
The difference between trimming and cropping (11 May 2016)
Photography is a conversation (7 May 2016)
Tension and balance (21 Apr 2016)
Photographic étiquette, part two (17 Apr 2016)
The what-if game (13 Apr 2016)
Creative development for working pros (29 Mar 2016)
State of play: the business of photography today (25 Mar 2016)
Why photography satisfies (9 Mar 2016)
The eyes of a baby (5 Mar 2016)
The Switch (22 Feb 2016)
Don’t settle (23 Jan 2016)
Dealing with visual overload (9 Jan 2016)
Being a photographer today (5 Jan 2016)
New year’s resolutions, 2016 (1 Jan 2016)
Christmas humour 2015: Photographers’ beliefs (25 Dec 2015)
The portfolio (17 Dec 2015)
Project thinking (13 Dec 2015)
Curation, judging and objectivity (9 Dec 2015)
Synthesis: technology as an enabler for art (27 Nov 2015)
Don’t fear the shadows (19 Nov 2015)
Clarifications (12 Nov 2015)
Ambiguity (11 Nov 2015)
Close, but no cigar: how to design mirrorless right (3 Nov 2015)
The emperor’s new clothes (30 Oct 2015)
On not being a photographer (10 Oct 2015)
Flying as a photographer, redux (30 Sep 2015)
In search of the unicorn (22 Sep 2015)
The output disconnect and the future of image viewing (18 Sep 2015)
The test of time (14 Sep 2015)
Recognizability, uniqueness, creativity and style (10 Sep 2015)
Thoughts on achieving natural tonality (2 Sep 2015)
Composition is not independent of exposure (21 Aug 2015)
A concise city guide for photographers – updated! (13 Aug 2015)
The fuss about fifties (11 Aug 2015)
The evolution of street photography (14 Jul 2015)
How to choose equipment (6 Jul 2015)
The idea of a ‘5’ (28 Jun 2015)
The five most difficult questions to answer in photography (8 Jun 2015)
The abstraction of an idea (31 May 2015)
Differences between eye and camera: practical implications (27 May 2015)
Photographic detox, part one (6 May 2015)
The eternal question: why I use Photoshop over Lightroom (25 Apr 2015)
Curate curate curate (and, coincidentally, post #1,000) (23 Apr 2015)
Portraiture, part two: candids, reportage, street, and the ‘happiness barometer’ (19 Apr 2015)
Thoughts on portraiture (17 Apr 2015)
Process, equipment, creativity, photography and a confession (5 Apr 2015)
What makes an interesting image, part two: illusion and reality (28 Mar 2015)
What makes an interesting image, part one: subject and presentation (26 Mar 2015)
Repost: Aspect ratios and compositional theory (10 Mar 2015)
That medium format ‘look’: what is it? (24 Feb 2015)
It’s all about light: making mood and strong images in monochrome (25 Jan 2015)
Repost: The inexact science of color and emotion (23 Jan 2015)
Being prolific (15 Jan 2015)
I will shoot what I want (5 Jan 2015)
New year’s resolutions: 2015 (1 Jan 2015)
The appeal of landscape (22 Dec 2014)
The format matters, but not in the way you might think (8 Dec 2014)
The difference between photography and most other art forms (30 Nov 2014)
A photographic manifesto (26 Nov 2014)
Output objectives and creative development (16 Nov 2014)
In pursuit of clarity, redux (8 Nov 2014)
Staying on the bleeding edge: an economic strategy (4 Nov 2014)
The future of photography lies in education (23 Oct 2013)
‘Painterly’ photographs (15 Oct 2014)
Derivative works and photography (7 Oct 2014)
System thinking (29 Sep 2014)
Digital maturity (25 Sep 2014)
The Four Things (17 Sep 2014)
I have to be a professional so I can be an amateur. (13 Sep 2014)
Have some stones (5 Sep 2014)
Digital posterity: will your images survive you? (3 Sep 2014)
A photo reflects the photographer (16 Aug 2014)
Questioning the ‘art’ market (8 Aug 2014)
Conscious exclusion (19 Jul 2014)
Film diaries: why we shoot film and digital differently (13 Jul 2014)
From stills to motion: my experience (11 Jul 2014)
Images to be remembered for (17 Jun 2014)
Defining the shooting envelope (11 Jun 2014)
Achieving visual consistency (9 Jun 2014)
The limitations of language (5 Jun 2014)
Art, celebrity and fame (12 May 2014)
Illusion vs delusion vs reality: commercial photography today (10 May 2014)
Beyond the numbers: what’s next? (8 May 2014)
Thoughts on stock photography (2 May 2014)
A digital B&W epiphany (16 April 2014)
Objectivity, subjectivity, time and deleting images (29 Mar 14)
Repost: Defining style, and finding your own (27 Mar 14)
What makes a ‘good’ lens? (part II) (15 Mar 14)
What makes a ‘good’ lens? (part I) (13 Mar 14)
Being a photographer is an attitude (9 Mar 14)
Transcending the process (5 Mar 2014)
Pushing print limits (23 Feb 2014)
Film diaries: thoughts on the psychology of shooting film vs digital (19 Feb 2014)
Street photography, soul and ethics, revisited – a personal view (13 Feb 2014)
The attraction of clouds, water, fireworks, trees…(11 Feb 2014)
Does the audience matter? (3 Feb 2014)
To specialise or generalise? (1 Feb 2014)
The importance of shot discipline (28 Jan 2014)
Film diaries: choosing film or digital, and a little rationale (26 Jan 2014)
Repost: Points of sufficiency: do you really know how much is enough? (18 Jan 2014)
Travelling as a photographer (14 Jan 2014)
The science of teaching (4 Jan 2014)
Goodbye, 2013; photographic resolutions for 2014 (31 Dec 2013)
Defining ‘art’, redux (25 Nov 2013)
Originality is dead: or is it? (22 Nov 2013)
Managing the creative commercial populist disconnect (18 Nov 2013)
Artificial environments and ‘tourist’ photography (14 Nov 2013)
Why photography satisfies (10 Nov 2013)
My love-hate relationship with gear (6 Nov 2013)
Photography and psychology, part two: how we view images (31 Oct 2013)
Photography and psychology, part one: it’s all a mind game (29 Oct 2013)
How camera choices influence your image (13 Oct 2013)
Abstract thoughts on abstract photography (11 Oct 2013)
Photographic invisibility: a thought experiment (7 Oct 2013)
Less is more: what does a camera really need? (23 Sep 2013)
The line between art and photography (19 Sep 2013)
Don’t underestimate the final display medium (26 Aug 2013)
The demise of the DSLR (24 Aug 2013)
A question of clarity (8 Aug 2013)
The importance of printing, from a photographer’s standpoint (11 Jul 2013)
Choice, compromise and creativity (9 Jul 2013)
Spheres of influence – or, the butterfly effect (3 Jul 2013)
Repost: What influences your photography? (1 Jul 2013)
The proverbial desert island camera (27 Jun 2013)
Photographic aspirations, part three: a manifesto (23 Jun 2013)
Photographic aspirations, part two: reality, and getting there (19 Jun 2013)
Photographic aspirations, part one: who we are, vs. who we want to be (17 Jun 2013)
Thoughts on street photography with medium format (11 Jun 2013)
Revisited: A word (or ten) on bokeh (1 Jun 2013)
Travel photography (30 May 2013)
The photographer as philosopher, part two (24 May 2013)
The photographer as philosopher, part one (20 May 2013)
The trouble with compacts (24 Apr 2013)
To carry or not to carry? (22 Apr 2013)
Shooting for yourself, part two (14 Apr 2013)
Shooting for yourself, part one (12 Apr 2013)
Thoughts on system choices, part two (10 Apr 2013)
Thoughts on system choices, part one (8 Apr 2013)
A review is not just a review, part two (4 Apr 2013)
A review is not just a review, part one (2 Apr 2013)
Film diaries: The importance of hapatics and tactility, part two (29 Mar 2013)
Film diaries: The importance of hapatics and tactility, part one (27 Mar 2013)
Why we photograph (5 Mar 2013)
The image making process (3 Mar 2013)
Seeing, part one: can art be taught? (24 Feb 2013)
Seeing, part two: the anxiety of infinite composition (26 Feb 2013)
Thoughts and advice for those considering a career in photography (20 Feb 2013)
What makes a good photographer? (9 Feb 2013)
Maintaining your creative edge (3 Feb 2013)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: the relativity of aesthetics, and a (partial) reconciliation with hipstagram-things (30 Jan 2013)
The pricing game (28 Jan 2013)
Why cropping is bad (21 Jan 2013)
Choice, sufficiency and intangibles (18 Jan 2013)
Photographer stereotypes – a satire (14 Jan 2013)
Photographic resolutions for the new year (31 Dec 2012)
Christmas trivia (25 Dec 2012)
To process or not to process? (21 Dec 2012)
Deconstructed photography, part two: compact camera masterclass (17 Dec 2012)
Deconstructed photography, part one: identifying the essentials (15 Dec 2012)
The burden of choice (11 Dec 2012)
Less is more (9 Dec 2012)
Personal evolution: changes in style (1 Dec 2012)
Photographic integrity and the use of Photoshop (11 Nov 2012)
The four stages of creative evolution of a photographer (7 Nov 2012)
Clearing up the myth of higher resolution, shot discipline and image quality once and for all (5 Nov 2012)
What is street photography? (2 Nov 2012)
Candid thoughts on the online photography ecosystem (31 Oct 2012)
Technology, art, and pushing the boundaries (19 Oct 2012)
Turning pro: Six months in (11 Oct 2012)
What makes an outstanding image? (part 2) (7 Oct 2012)
What makes an outstanding image? (part 1) (6 Oct 2012)
Points of sufficiency: do you really know how much is enough? (16 Sep 2012)
Thoughts on modern wedding photography: the wrong way, and the right way (8 Sep 2012)
Street photography in context: diversion, documentary or nuisance? (6 Sep 2012)
What it means to be a professional (12 Aug 2012)
Street photography – the ethics of photographing random strangers (21 Jul 2012)
Thoughts on Instagram and similar apps (14 Jul 2012)
Commercial work vs personal work vs experimentation vs development (30 Jun 2012)
Everybody’s a critic (26 Jun 2012)
On the value of having a muse (24 Jun 2012)
Travel minimalism: one lens to go (16 Jun 12)
Some thoughts on reprocessing and revisiting images (14 Jun 12)
How serious do you want to get? (6 Jun 12)
Color or black and white? (22 May 2012)
Balancing content and technical perfection (15 May 2012)
The inexact science of color and emotion (19 Apr 2012)
Defining style, and finding your own (13 May 2012)
The relationship between talent, creativity and experience (9 May 2012)
Finding inspiration, or the lack of it (10 Apr 2012)
Sushi, and the philosophy of photography (28 Mar 2012)
Observing vs. participating: behind the camera (20 Mar 2012)
Hiding behind the subject (19 Mar 2012)
Photography equipment is a circle… (13 Mar 2012)
What influences your photography? (9 Mar 2012)
A word (or ten) on bokeh (26 Feb 2012)
An ethical dilemma (12 Feb 2012)
Because somebody will eventually ask… (12 Feb 2012)


Discussions: Commonly encountered photographers’ dilemmas (25 Oct 2018)
Discussion points: photographic rules (29 Dec 2017)
Discussion points: Critical features (7 Jul 2017)
Discussions: On going pro (10 Jun 2017)
Discussion points: Influences (29 May 2017)
Discussion points: An ideal format? (2 Mar 2017)
An exclusive interview with Kazuto Yamaki, CEO, Sigma (27 Aug 2015)
The Q&A post: answers, part III (19 May 2015)
The Q&A post: answers, part II (17 May 2015)
The Q&A post: answers, part I (15 May 2015)
The Q&A post: ask me anything! (3 May 2015)
Discussions: MT x Lloyd Chambers on the Pentax 645Z and Nikon D810 (25 Jul 2014)
MT x LC: On Ultraprinting (22 Nov 2014)
Exclusive: an interview with Nick Brandt (9 Dec 2013)

Opinion/ off topic/ media coverage

OT: Hobbies and diversions (20 Sep 2019)
Adventures of the travelling audiophile: Endgame (nearly) (3 Aug 2019)
Modularity (22 Jul 2019)
Deja vu (4 Jul 2019)
Off topic: For the joy of driving… (28 Jun 2019)
Off topic: Why I started making watches, part II (16 Jun 2019)
Off topic: Why I started making watches, part I (13 Jun 2019)
Two cents off the soapbox (29 May 2019)
In praise of crappy hardware (14 May 2019)
Addressing some rather serious feedback (1 Apr 2019)
OT review: a thousand kilometers in the 2019 BMW M5 (5 Mar 2019)
Market challenges and predictions, late-2018 edition (10 Oct 2018)
Moving on (3 Oct 2018)
OT review: the 2018/9 BMW M2, midterm (28 Sep 2018)
Brand (dis)loyalty, mirrorless and why it’s good for everybody (15 Sep 2018)
In search of clarity… (10 Sep 2018)
OT: first anniversary! (15 Aug 2018)
The continued adventures of the traveling audiophile: going wireless (30 Jun 2018)
Crystal ball gazing – have we reached a plateau? (24 Jun 2018)
The best value in photography today? (22 Apr 2018)
Off topic: Presenting the MING 17.03 (11 Feb 2018)
To photography competition entrants (27 Nov 2017)
Off topic: Presenting the MING 19.01 (3 Nov 2017)
Off topic: Presenting the MING 17.01 (13 Aug 2017)
Opinion: Sensible perspectives on film and digital in current times (10 Aug 2017)
Work in progress (2 Aug 2017)
The un-camera camera (25 Jun 2017)
Crystal ball gazing: Predicting the photographic ecosystem in 10 years, part II (19 Jun 2017)
Crystal ball gazing: Predicting the photographic ecosystem in 10 years, part I (16 Jun 2017)
Off topic: on coffee (11 Apr 2017)
Some big changes… (29 Mar 2017)
Off topic: On customer service (23 Mar 2017)
Short term pain, long term gain (29 Jan 2017)
Forum thinking, part II (19 Jan 2017)
Forum thinking (17 Jan 2017)
Off topic: personal audio, updated (13 Jan 2017)
Two cents on the whole Hasselblad-DJI thing (9 Jan 2017)
How social media has changed the way images are viewed (12 Nov 2016)
Spouses and photography (8 Nov 2016)
Off topic: credibility (17 Oct 2016)
Analysis: Photokina 2016 (28 Sep 2016)
Off topic: Just in case (24 Jul 2016)
Off topic: thoughts on turning 30, or – the trouble with choice (16 Jul 2016)
Photographic étiquette, part one (1 Apr 2016)
State of play: the business of photography today (25 Mar 2016)
Social media and photography: how to get it wrong (16 Feb 2016)
A question of value, accessibility and medium format… (12 Feb 2016)
On making lenses, inside Sigma, and the 18-300… (19 Jan 2016)
Close, but no cigar: how to design mirrorless right (3 Nov 2015)
Hublot/Yahoo/third party: not what any of us expected… (28 Oct 2015)
Resolution: Hublot/ Yahoo/ Flickr rights, implications for photographers (28 Oct 2015)
(RESOLVED, 28/10) Yahoo: seek proof! Hublot: you cannot claim rights for images that are not yours (27 Oct 2015)
OpEd: The camera as a luxury item – or, a tale of two cameras (26 Oct 2015)
OpEd: The career you really want (26 Sep 2015)
A visit to Zeiss and thoughts on the Milvus line (12 Sep 2015)
OT guest contribution: The pathology of ‘fanboyism’ and a little advice to MT (6 Sep 2015)
Time for a bit of a rethink (7 Aug 2015)
Off topic: a creative frame of mind (3 Aug 2015)
There are no absolutes: erosion and hope in the photographic industry (30 Jul 2015)
Daily meditations on photography, or, the purpose of instagram (4 Jun 2015)
My first exhibition of 2015: ‘Connection’, at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in conjunction with Chun Wo Development (4 May 2015)
Calling all fanbois (1 Apr 2015)
Paranoia and suspicion: photographers are not terrorists (2 Mar 2015)
Anniversary time: into the terrible threes (28 Feb 2015)
The book that was not to be (or the print-on-demand conundrum) (10 Feb 2015)
OpEd: resolution, output, collector or photographer? (8 Feb 2015)
Off topic: personal/portable audio (31 Jan 2015)
The fast compact normal conundrum (3 Jan 2015)
Post-Christmas humour 2014: photographic definitions (27 Dec 2014)
An open note to camera makers, marketing departments and agencies (21 Dec 2014)
On the democratization of art (14 Dec 2014)
‘Interstellar’, the movies, and the general creative state of play (20 Nov 2014)
A new way of looking at reviews (27 Oct 2014)
What camera should I buy? (22 Oct 2014)
Thoughts on the Photokina 2014 announcements (19 Sep 2014)
New comment and email policy (5 Aug 2014)
Why I must do all the things I do (27 Jul 2014)
Too little, too late – or, rebirth? (23 Jul 2014)
OT: Of cars and cameras (7 Jul 2014)
Ricoh Pentax update: confidence restored, resolution and conclusion (18 Jun 2014)
Name and shame: ‘Pentax Ricoh Indonesia’ stole my image UPDATE: resolved. (17 Jun 2014)
Mobile photography, the future, and the masses: part II (26 May 2014)
Mobile photography, the future, and the masses: part I (24 May 2014)
A little (well, big) celebration: 10 million visitors. (26 Apr 2014)
You probably weren’t expecting this: Ming Thein is now on instagram. (12 Mar 14)
We are two: second anniversary! (28 Feb 2014)
Christmas humour: You know if you’re a real photographer if… (25 Dec 2013)
Xmas 2013 picks (3 Dec 2013)
Judging the 2013 Maybank Photo Awards (1 Dec 2013)
A very OT review: the 2013 BMW Z4 28i (27 Nov 2013)
OT: Thoughts on blogging in an increasingly crowded space (12 Nov 2013)
Professionalism in photography (25 Oct 2013)
Dear Client: a little advice from your photographer (17 Oct 2013)
Interviewed on the official Zeiss blog… (15 Oct 2013)
How my photographic journey began – a short autobiography, part two (29 Sep 2013)
How my photographic journey began – a short autobiography, part one (27 Sep 2013)
Maybank Photo Awards 2013: a few tips for competition entrants… (5 Sep 2013)
PayPal, margin pressure and the small business perspective (22 Aug 2013)
The 2013 Maybank Photo Awards are now open! (2 Aug 2013)
Taking stock (28 Jun 2013)
If I were CEO, part two (9 Jun 2013)
An open letter to all camera companies (or, if I were CEO, part one) (7 Jun 2013)
Off topic: hobbies and photographers (18 May 2013)
Industry developments – Photoshop CC and the British orphaned works law (12 May 2013)
An idea, and some help requested (28 April 2013)
Sony and Olympus: what does it mean? (19 Mar 2013)
Decisions for the site going forward (9 Mar 2013)
The commercial reality of reviews, writing and blogging (7 Mar 2013)
First anniversary and a milestone (27 Feb 2013)
Cover interview: DSLR Magazine, Feb 2013 edition (2 Feb 2013)
Rant on: Paypal woes, shy subjects and travel today (29 Jan 2013)
Quick shots from my ‘Diametric Opposites: East and West’ exhibition (20 Jan 2013)
Diametric opposites: my upcoming exhibition (15 Jan 2013)
Judging the 2012 Maybank Photo Awards (23 Dec 2012)
2,000,000! (3 Dec 2012)
Ignorance, fear and photographic freedoms in Malaysia (29 Nov 2012)
Twenty questions (27 Nov 2012)
Interviewed on photography in the New York Times (25 Nov 2012)
Just got interviewed on the Leica blog… (8 Nov 2012)
Candid thoughts on the online photography ecosystem (31 Oct 2012)
My daily reading list (20 Oct 2012)
Podcast of my interview today on BFM is now up… (8 Oct 2012)
OpEd: The democratization of photography and the state of affairs in Malaysia (4 Oct 2012)
A concise city travel guide for photographers (10 Sep 2012)
The Maybank Photography Awards 2012 (3 Sep 2012)
The magic million (28 Aug 2012)
Thoughts on copyright, intellectual property, images and Section 114A (14 Aug 2012)
Observations and commentary on the state of the photographic industry (8 Aug 2012)
A few tales of customer service and “professional” support in the world of photography (25 Jul 2012)
Clients from hell (or, some light partial humor) (16 Jul 2012)
Yours truly interviewed on radio again. (29 Jun 2012)
Everybody’s a critic (26 Jun 2012)
Celebrating another milestone – 500,000 visitors! (24 Jun 2012)
Translated, and linked (29 May 2012)
Podcast of my radio interview on BFM 89.9 (4 May 2012)
POTD and off topic: test drive notes of a different sort (10 Apr 2012)
100,000! (9 Apr 2012)
Passion and frustration (22 Mar 2012)
Meet your photographer: a virtual interview (13 Feb 2012)
Strobist, part 2 (18 Jul 2007)
Strobist, part 1 (17 Jul 2007)


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  1. Christian Bernfeld says:

    Hi, Ming,
    I just read your blog “Close, but no cigar: how to design mirrorless right”. Thank you for pointing this out!
    BUT – [Sarcasm mode on]
    You are simply killing the camera industry with your ideas of a perfect camera! What could they sell next then?
    [Sarcasm mode off]
    Unfortunately this is the way the industry lives and keeps living. They will never sell a perfect product. Whenever a new feature or a great improvement is implemented, one will find out soon that this more or less expensive model is crippled in at least one other respect. You will have to buy 3 bodies to get all features you want or need, but never get all in one body, this is done on purpose….

    All points in your list are simply necessary or at least desirable!
    May I add some more points?
    The camera settings could easily be stored to the memory card and we wouldn’t have to spend lots of time finding all our settings again after the next firmware update! Thus we even could have the possibilty to transfer our settings to another body – if the manufacturer doesn’t ‘forget’ or block this feature.
    Better dynamic range instead of more megapixels. 10-12 EV is a bit low and could be improved.
    Why not make a mFT+ sensor with increased size? 20x15mm instead of 17,3 x 13mm should be possible and most of our lenses would not show heavy vignetting. This way about 24 megapixels and a crop factor of around 1.7 could be reached without an increase in diffraction, giving us much more wide angle at the cost of a bit length. But there are more alternatives than on the wide side. Just an idea…;-)
    With best regards,

    • They’re killing themselves, which in the end is no good for anybody. Sales are down again this year, though profitability is up since no innovation costs no money.

      10-12 EV is a M4/3 limitation: there are sensors now (D810, for example) that hit close to 15. So it’s definitely doable.

      Larger MFT is interesting, though would really mess up lens selection. I’d actually like to see square…

      • Christian Bernfeld says:

        That’s true, the companies are killing themselves this way. But maybe this is a good chance for us to get near perfect gear in the future…;-)
        Square sensor is a great idea too!

  2. Hi Ming,

    Why do you store your photos on flickr and link to it from your blog instead of storing directly on your site?


  3. If you had to choose a Dozen or so of your works, to display or exhibit, or booklet, to show-case, or share your work, how would you go about deciding which to include and which to exclude? Which criteria would you use?

    How does One select a sample, or selection, of work to represent One’s self?

    I think in this day and age we have so many of our own creations as a means of self-expression, and I often wonder about what to include and what to leave out.

    I welcome your feed-back

    • It depends on the purpose of the set. Since I discard everything that doesn’t make the cut anyway, I’d look for the images that best suit the theme and display a creative interpretation of it.


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  2. […] through entertaining and thought provoking missives on the technique, craft , and above all, the philosophy of the art form. For that’s what it is, as he sees it. To say he takes it all very seriously is something of an […]

  3. […] and through face to face workshops), produces some fabulous photo essays as well as some great philosophical pieces. This is one of the most detailed and regularly updated photographic blogs I know of and even […]

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