At some point during the last day or so, the site received it’s two millionth visitor. Not too shabby for a fairly ‘heavy’ content site that’s a little over 8 months old. A big thank you for your continuing support, everybody! MT


  1. Rich Southgate says:

    Fantastic. An amazing achievement for sure. Thoroughly justified too! Thanks for the inspiration, Rich

  2. Great news! Well done – always interesting and thought-provoking content.

  3. Awesome Work! Here is to the next 2 million!

  4. Very nice images Ming. What brand lenses were you using? Assume Oly?

    • Thanks – Nikon for the 500/4 P (manual focus), and Panasonic for the 100-300/4-5.6 OIS. I presume you mean the latest wildlife workshop report post…

  5. When there are quality and passion, success is a natural consequence… Congrats! You absolutely deserve it!

  6. Always a pleasure looking at your new postings.

  7. Tahniah!

  8. Congratulations Ming!

  9. Kevin Dharmawan says:

    congrats Ming! May the next 4 million come with ease.

  10. Daniel Stern says:

    Congrats. Quality will breed quantity.

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  11. Congrats Mr.MT! You deserve more btw:D
    keep up your great posts!

  12. Grats, big buddy!

  13. Bam! 2,000,000and1 Congratulations!

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