Interviewed on photography in the New York Times

I was interviewed on watch photography in yesterday’s issue of the New York Times/ International Herald Tribune – the full article can be found here. MT


  1. Outstanding! It seem to me that in any field, when you reach a certain level, it all becomes not about the subject at all but about life! Keep it up!

    • Thanks Don – I think it’s about passion – that gives you the dedication and drive to keep pushing when most people would have given up…and that’s what tends to set apart the successful (or mad) from the rest. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! The attention you are getting is well deserved.

  3. Congratulations ! Hard work does pay in the end, esp if inspired too 😀

    PS. I do appreciate fine time pieces *& complex movements, BUT the BESTEST watch in my book b/c it is ultra thin and needs NO batteries, plus is indestructible and stylish* is Citizen’s Stiletto Eco Drive – the no seconds rectangular version

    How to convey such supreme elegance/ simplicity and hyper sophistication (solar panel ! ) .. deserving of a really good image . . .and should really be in the MoMA or other museum collections

    (*) Only 3mm thick including the scratch resistant glass. Bought for about $200 only years ago.
    The best tech watch I have: never needs batteries, uses a solar panel, never had a problem, and keeps perfect time.
    Once survived intact a full hot wash/ dry cycle in my jeans, my mistake. So about as durable as a Rolex.

    • Thanks Andre. I suppose at $200 it’s a moot point, but the circuitry in digital/ electronic watches is not repairable if it breaks – replace only. And that longevity is something that only entirely mechanical watches have.

  4. Congratulations for the great insight of a watch photographer. Keep up the good work.

  5. “Sometimes, the beauty is in the imperfection”… exactly how I see the world I live in and everything around me 😉 Perfection can be boring or surreal… imperfection stands out, makes it unique. You doing great, your work, this blog, very nice… keep it up Ming!

  6. Great writeup. I’m so pleased for you.. I like the fact I will be able to say “I knew that Ming before he was world famous”

  7. Congratulations. You’re on your way !

  8. Wow, half a million visitors a month! Great to see you in the NYT. Congrats on your well earned success Ming.

  9. Excellent article and fascinating insights. The world needs more of this, “Mr. Thein has built a Web site that aims to promote philosophical debates about photography and deconstructions of the image-making process.”

    Congrats, Ming!

  10. An interesting article. About watch photography—and yet only one (beautiful) photograph.

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