Addressing some rather serious feedback

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The quality of readership here has always been very high, and I owe the audience a big thank you for contributing intelligently to the discussion. But there are some occasions where people go above and beyond to bring something truly special to the table. I therefore feel it is only fair to highlight some of these today and give them the stage and attention they truly deserve.

You are, like, welcome!

But it is perfectly prepared, and there is state of content. And a picture is worth a thousand words – there are thousands of pictures here, and so millions of words!

I’ll be sure to do better on the mistrustful tricks in the future. Sincerely, The Webmaster.

And I say to you, they are missing your perfectly clearly confusing mess on Petapixel, DPReview, the rumour sites…

And we surelywill! 😛

Well, goshdarnit, I’d be surely challenged to start a vapourware company with non-durable labor!

[Note to bot coders: the space goes after the punctuation mark in English.]

I believe they tried a wall many hundreds of years ago on the other side of the planet, and it didn’t really last…

I don’t think he’d pay a premium for larger…er…company, if historical precedent is anything to go by.

Благодаря чудесам гугл-перевода, теперь мы можем говорить друг с другом в плохой грамматике! ура!

Last Time I checked, the RAC was chapter and ground-based; we don’t have flying cars here just yet, but it’s nice to see them being innovatively proactive, I suppose…

[Context: may not be visible due to post formatting, but the comment was made on the post ‘Credibility‘]
I would certainly want to check my sources again here…quality over quantity, my friend.

You do realise this isn’t a lobbying or political site, right?

Ahh, Kodak, if you want a sponsored post or banner ad for your new venture, why don’t you just come out and say it? No need to be all sly about it…

I’ve always wanted an expensive but inefficient cotton sunhat. I suppose a sort of branded beanie…

And miss out on gems like this? Why would you want to do that?

Hey, nobody’s perfect. But I think my strike rate is a lot higher than yours given the length of your post…

Really, please don’t!


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  1. Derrick Pang says:

    damn you got me…. so naive. Just got to read this on April 5th

  2. Hah, initially thought I was having a stroke, but then remembered to check the date of posting…

  3. Yunlu Zhu says:

    Hi Ming, maybe be cautious about exposing these “personal” info that, only you, the Webmaster, can see, to the public, such as IP, Names, Email address, etc.

  4. fullcircle says:

    I just popped in this evening after dropping out of your photo blog for more than 2 years. You’ve got a full-fledged company and you’re still at it with your photo blog. Man! That’s almost superhuman efficiency. Awesome.

  5. It’s like everyday is April 1 for you! 😂

  6. April 1 on a Monday is always a gift. Thanks for your contributions. As always, pithy and to the point. 😀 (although some of the comments might look like ‘normal comments’ on my FB news feed. :-/

  7. Ultraprints from this series are available on request

    I’d like comments 7, 11 and 13 to add to the collection please.

  8. To avoid those (automatically generated) spam comments, just add a honeypot.

    Example Plugin:

  9. David Burns says:

    Wonderful! My favourite is from ‘KelvinpepreMy’.

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