Interviewed on the official Zeiss blog…

I was interviewed recently by some of the folks at Zeiss about food photography – you can find the excellent (and very comprehensive) feature article here. Enjoy! MT


  1. Tony Holt says:

    Enjoyed the article. Love the author’s strange sense of time – “even though he found his vocation rather late” ….. ” Today, 26-year old Ming Thein likes to “.

    • Haha – well, rather late is relative: I’d been in corporate for 10 years at that point. And I’m 27 now, the interview was before my birthday…

  2. Very nice article! I want sushi for some reason. 🙂 The Scallop Sashimi with fresh herbs looks delicious.

  3. Yummy photos….an interesting article about a very talented photographer. : ) trees

  4. Great article, cheers!

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