An ethical dilemma

_M8_L1017820 copy

The scavenger, Canacona Beach, Goa, India
M8 and 50 Summilux ASPH

Suppose you are a photojournalist assigned to cover a humanitarian crisis. Do you help out, or do you keep shooting? I recently had this discussion with a fellow pro shooter and photojournalist. We both agreed that being behind the camera desensitizes you; it acts like a mask for you to hide your humanity. But that’s not right, either. We are all human beings. And we musn’t forget that the ultimate goal of photojournalism is to tell a story; the better we tell that story, the better we can raise awareness about the events that are transpiring, and in turn do our part to help.

So the right answer is yes, we help out – but we do what we do best, and help out by shooting.

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