Just got interviewed on the Leica blog…

…For those of you who might be a little curious about the person behind the site, the interview by Eric Kim can be found here. MT


  1. Hi Ming, Just read your excellent interview. Loved it and left a comment on the Leica blog. Cheers and congratulations!

  2. Hi Ming congrats, hard work…have flow, confident, it will bring to where you want to be.

  3. You teach that images should convey your message and yours so clearly do of the artistic brilliance found at the heart of a physicist. It all is so clear…..and so wonderful. We are so lucky you share it with us. Thank you.

    You mentioned how you use a calibrated color profile for your work. Could you explain or point me to a reference on how to set up your calibrated color profile for a nikon D800? Is this all done in photoshop post processing of RAW files and explained in your DVD that is on route and I excitedly expect to arrive any day?

    • Thanks Kim. The calibrated profile is relative/ perceptual rather than absolute. It depends on the taste of the photographer. This is not something I’ve covered anywhere, but it may be the subject of a future video.

  4. wow ! congrats. !!!

  5. Hi Ming,

    Just remembered that book recommendation for you. Harold Evans, Pictures on a Page. Fascinating insight into cropping, editing and choosing images.

    🙂 Tim

  6. That is a very entertaining interview blog to read. Congrats!

  7. Matthew Downing says:

    Really well done interview–informative and insightful. Your work continues to inspire, so thank you for all you do. Best of luck.

  8. Franco Morante (Adelaide, South Australia) says:

    I am happy for you Ming because you are doing what you love. Thanks for sharing the link to the Leica Blog interview.

  9. Looking forward to the interview, congrats Ming!

  10. Congratulations Ming!

  11. Pal, you got you masters degree at 16 and from Oxford! This points out that you are talented and you will be successful in any area including photography. Keep on going. I get lots of thing from you blog. Greets from Turkey!

    • I don’t think there’s such a thing as innate talent, but there is hard work. If I posted any of my early images…I think nobody would take me seriously.

      • Actually that wouldn’t be such a bad idea and would certainly put some of us aspiring enthusiast photographers at ease and provide level of comfort so much needed. This is something photogs moving from stage 1 ito stage 2 you described in your yesterday’s article as well as many of us hovering in the stage 2 but not quite ready for stage 3, would apreciate greatly.

        Please post some of those early attempts of yours, either as part of another article on the specific topic or on-the-fly, thanks in advance.

        • Hmm…I’ll think about it. I’m not sure I want these images floating around and attributed to me because it’s not exactly a good thing for my commercial reputation, and that is priority far and beyond entertaining readers of the blog.

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