ACR 7.3 is now available

You can download the final release candidate here. Notable changes are support for the Olympus E-PL5, E-PM2, Panasonic GH3, some of the new Canon compacts, a whole slew of lenses, and final support for the Nikon D600. Fuji owners are still out of luck, unfortunately. MT


  1. And no lens profile for Coolpix 7700…..


  1. […] ACR 7.3 and lightroom 4.3 are now available, but no luck also this time for Fuji owners. You have to be patient. There is still no X-TRANS RAW support for ACR 7.3 and lightroom still doesn’t fix X-PRO1 support. So take a look at the two comparisons in this post, and you’ll understand why Fuji owners are really hoping for this support to come soon. […]

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