Cover interview: DSLR Magazine, Feb 2013 edition


For those of you who live somewhere where this magazine isn’t available, the publishers have been kind enough to provide me with digital copies to share with my international readers. Somehow I landed up with both the cover shot and feature interview in their February 2013 edition 🙂 Click through the images to full size versions on flickr for easy reading. MT

A big thank you to KL Yeam and Rachel at DSLR Magazine!







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  1. I’ve only now gotten to read the article… You’ve obtained a Master’s degree from Oxford at 16 years of age? Wow…

  2. Gene Trent says:

    Congrats. Well done.

  3. Fantastic images, Ming. Its really encouraging me to have a closer look at watches!

  4. vinh truong says:

    Man, your picture makes me want to run to the store and buy that omega 🙂 Thanks for the post. Really enjoy it.

  5. Congratulations, Ming! Great pictures, as usual. I have to get your Photoshop tutorial; I love the “look” of your pictures.

  6. Ming,
    I hope you don’t run out of content anytime soon, either. Congrats on the article and thanks for sharing it with us. Thank you for all the time, effort, and varied content you put into your blog. It is more appreciated than you will probably ever know.

  7. Very nice Ming, and more than well deserved!

  8. Ming,

    as good a time as any….. I’d like to express my thanks for your committment to sharing your knowledge. Your ability to convey thoughts and impressions, via images and words, is to a very high standard. And then factor in the sheer volume…. All I can say is Thank You. It is clear that one of the primary goals of your blog is to share knowledge and to foster the creative thought process among your readers. Well that message has been received loud and clear. Looking at the photographic skill spectrum, I reside closer to the “snapshooter” end of the bar, but I have certainly benefited from your postings. Thanks again, Nick

  9. dude…honestly… u rock with the watches! (and with everything else, but specially these are divine!!!)

  10. Jeff Smith says:


    Congrats! Wow a cover and the Leica expo appearing in the space of a month. Terrific, you do good work and well deserved. Jeff Smith

  11. “Photographers who see past their gear”…this is exactly your target reader. Though we must admit, gear is pretty fun too.

    Congrats on the cover!

    • Thanks Kevin. Yes, gear is fun…I admit as much myself – but there’s a difference between chasing new gear because you think it’ll make you a better photographer, and using something because you enjoy the feel of it. It’s much harder to make a compelling image with a compact than it is with a pro DSLR these days – but somehow society attributes more skill to the latter…

  12. Congratulations. Beautiful photos.

  13. Congratulations on the publication of your article, well deserved exposure. I have enjoyed all of your writing and it has improved my photography, thanks.

    • Thanks Jan – I didn’t write it, but it was largely transcribed verbatim…

      The only thing that’s changes since the interview was done in early December is that I’ve started shooting film again…

  14. Congratulations Ming! A wonderful cover interview. Great for the magazine as well. 🙂

  15. Another excellent article Ming. I certainly agree with you about language but written language is just that written language and as such must be limited. The increased value in your articles, which are always visually rich, is that by doing so you are able to increase our comprehension of the facets of photography you discuss. So that if you do write about ‘visual heaviness’ your illustration of it will probably bring about that collective ‘ahhh’ of comprehension from your readers. This thorough combination of written and visual language is a real winner.

  16. Congratulations on the cover image and the interview.

  17. Wonderful job Ming! The images are just awesome.

  18. jlmphotography says:

    Congratulations!!! That’s awesome.

  19. There is quite a bit of moiré on the seconds dial of the Omega Speedmaster. Is that due to the missing AA filter of the D800E or has the magazine screwed that one up?

  20. Great stuff ming. Love the golden light on page #4


  1. […] Ming Thein is being interviewed by this photography magazine (the biggest on photography in the U.K.) in February, telling the readers about making his step from a corporate environment to being a professional photographer. Of course, it also tells the reader what we already know, how and why he wants to capture watches with his camera. Although we advice you to order the magazine, you can read the interview with Ming Thein here as well. […]

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