This page will contain an archive of all of the main articles I’ve written by category and sorted with the most recent first – it seems that there are some fundamental navigational issues with WordPress that I can’t get around other than by manually updating this page with every new article. It’s a work in progress, of course…

Last update 10 July 2020

Technique, technicalities and post processing

Near misses (7 Jun 2020)
Use the night (11 May 2020)
Virtual photography (14 Apr 2020)
The concept of ‘visual weight’ (9 Mar 2020)
How not to photograph an eclipse (28 Dec 2019)
Image licensing 101, redux (19 Dec 2019)
Back to basics: Turning an idea into an image (14 Sep 2019)
Back to basics: Layering (8 Sep 2019)
Back to basics: Structure (2 Sep 2019)
Back to basics: Cut points and edges (27 Aug 2019)
Back to basics: subject isolation (21 Aug 2019)
Back to basics: Rules of vision – part II (15 Aug 2019)
Back to basics: Rules of vision (or, things we can’t help seeing) – part I (9 Aug 2019)
What defines small/medium/large formats, anyway? (16 Jul 2019)
Repost: format strengths and why different sized media render differently (20 May 2019)
Off-camera lighting 101: the ‘five things’ (3 Feb 2019)
By popular demand: Nikon Z7 and D850 JPEG picture controls and ACR profiles (14 Jan 2019)
Understanding color, from a workflow perspective: part 2 (27 Nov 2018)
Understanding color, from a workflow perspective: part 1 (24 Nov 2018)
Repost: What makes a ‘good’ lens? (part II) (30 Jul 2018)
Repost: What makes a ‘good’ lens? (part I) (27 Jul 2018)
Thoughts on portraiture (9 Jul 2018)
Repost: Achieving visual consistency (6 Jul 2018)
Repost: Avoidable photographic errors (9 Jun 2018)
Repost: Practical differences between cameras and human vision (3 June 2018)
Format equivalence, engineering and practical envelope (22 May 2018)
Experiments with stereoscopic photography (4 May 2018)
Working with difficult subjects (28 Apr 2018)
On photographing architecture (4 Jun 2017)
Subconscious associations – or titling, redux (11 May 2017)
A small change in workflow… (23 Apr 2017)
The art and science of observation (17 Apr 2017)
Cropping, sufficiency, resolution: take three (or, thoughts after shooting with the H6D-100c) (21 Jan 2017)
Format strengths: why do different sized media render differently? (5 Jan 2017)
Reasons to have multiple lenses in the same focal length/AOV (14 Dec 2016)
Balance and composition beyond photography (4 Dec 2016)
Photographing friends and family (30 Nov 2016)
Rules of vision – part II (27 Oct 2016)
Rules of vision (or, things we can’t help seeing) – part I (25 Oct 2016)
Front bokeh (13 Oct 2016)
On quality of light (1 Oct 2016)
Sitting time, objectivity, and always check your B roll… (12 Sep 2016)
A lighting conundrum (8 Sep 2016)
How to be a better photographer (4 Sep 2016)
Stabilisation is good…but only up to a point. (19 Aug 2016)
Cut points and edges (15 Aug 2016)
The Four Things, redux (28 Jul 2016)
Layering (14 Jun 2016)
Structure (2 Jun 2016)
On vision and post processing (15 May 2016)
The difference between trimming and cropping (11 May 2016)
To filter or not to filter? (21 Mar 2016)
Photographing babies (20 Feb 2016)
Photographing concerts (8 Feb 2016)
Back to basics: subject isolation (13 Jan 2016)
Dealing with visual overload (9 Jan 2016)
Photoessay: More from the air (and some tips) (3 Jan 2016)
Don’t fear the shadows (19 Nov 2015)
Tilt shift 101 (12 Oct 2015)
Thoughts on achieving natural tonality (2 Sep 2015)
Repost: HDR, the zone system, and dynamic range (31 Aug 2015)
Composition is not independent of exposure (21 Aug 2015)
Repost: Defining cinematic (22 Jul 2015)
Understanding AF and MF: focusing aids tested (24 Jun 2015)
Managing the post processing workload (16 Jun 2015)
Differences between eye and camera: practical implications (27 May 2015)
Avoidable photographic errors (23 May 2015)
Understanding native tonal response (18 Mar 2015)
Repost: Aspect ratios and compositional theory (10 Mar 2015)
Titling and storytelling (14 Feb 2015)
It’s all about light: making mood and strong images in monochrome (25 Jan 2015)
Picking a tripod (11 Jan 2015)
Why the tripod is the most underrated piece of photographic equipment (9 Jan 2015)
The format matters, but not in the way you might think (8 Dec 2014)
Valuing your images and managing copyright and intellectual property (4 Dec 2014)
Output objectives and creative development (16 Nov 2014)
‘Painterly’ photographs (15 Oct 2014)
The Four Things (17 Sep 2014)
Repost: Basic street photography techniques (30 Aug 2014)
Can you tell the difference? (24 Aug 2014)
The pre-shot checklist (20 Aug 2014)
Getting over the hump (12 Aug 2014)
Conscious exclusion (19 Jul 2014)
Achieving visual consistency (9 Jun 2014)
Quality control, sample variation and what it means for photographers (6 May 2014)
Experimenting with stacked polarisers (30 Apr 2014)
A digital B&W epiphany (16 April 2014)
Demystifying HDR, the zone system, and dynamic range (14 Apr 2014)
Objectivity, subjectivity, time and deleting images (29 Mar 14)
Repost: Defining style, and finding your own (27 Mar 14)
What makes a ‘good’ lens? (part II) (15 Mar 14)
What makes a ‘good’ lens? (part I) (13 Mar 14)
Pushing print limits (23 Feb 2014)
The importance of shot discipline (28 Jan 2014)
How to see: tips for travel photographers (21 Dec 2013)
Landscape photography, part two: applied landscapes (13 Dec 2013)
Landscape photography, part one: a few principles (11 Dec 2013)
Working the scene: interpretation, timing and storytelling (20 Nov 2013)
Artificial environments and ‘tourist’ photography (14 Nov 2013)
Memory card hygiene (5 Oct 2013)
Going manual (25 Sep 2013)
Repost: It’s a visual world – the basics of making great images (10 Aug 2013)
A question of sensor size (25 Jun 2013)
Defining cinematic (5 Jun 2013)
Seeing, part one: can art be taught? (24 Feb 2013)
Seeing, part two: the anxiety of infinite composition (26 Feb 2013)
Thoughts and advice for those considering a career in photography (20 Feb 2013)
General photographic workflow tips (18 Feb 2013)
What makes a good photographer? (9 Feb 2013)
Maintaining your creative edge (3 Feb 2013)
Why cropping is bad (21 Jan 2013)
Image licensing 101 (10 Jan 2013)
Some experiments in 2.4:1 widescreen (9 Jan 2013)
Understanding metering, part one: introduction (2 Jan 2013)
Understanding metering, part two: what to use, when (4 Jan 2013)
Deconstructed photography, part two: compact camera masterclass (17 Dec 2012)
Deconstructed photography, part one: identifying the essentials (15 Dec 2012)
Understanding autofocus, and tips for all cameras (13 Dec 2012)
Objectively critiquing images: a primer (5 Dec 2012)
What to look for when evaluating used and new equipment (15 Nov 2012)
Experiments with street photography and motion (9 Nov 2012)
Clearing up the myth of higher resolution, shot discipline and image quality once and for all (5 Nov 2012)
Basic street photography techniques (4 Nov 2012)
Achieving ultimate image quality* (23 Oct 2012)
Color management for photographers: a primer (17 Oct 2012)
Simple explanations of important camera functions/ settings/ parameters (13 Oct 2012)
Lighting tips and tricks (2 Oct 2012)
Deconstructing light, part four: continuous sources (1 Oct 2012)
Deconstructing light, part three: balancing ambient (30 Sep 2012)
Deconstructing light, part two: multiple sources (29 Sep 2012)
Deconstructing light, part one: one light (28 Sep 2012)
Lighting equipment: a primer (27 Sep 2012)
My thought process when shooting (29 Aug 2012)
10×10: 100 ways to improve your photography (22 Aug 2012)
Understanding lens-related descriptive terms (24 Aug 2012)
Long lens technique and tips (20 Aug 2012)
There’s always room for improvement: self-critique of my popular images (18 Aug 2012)
Aspect ratios and compositional theory (31 Jul 2012)
Depth of field and the importance of achieving critical focus (23 Jul 2012)
Common photographic mistakes by beginners, amateurs and pros – and how to avoid them (2 Jul 2012)
Infinite frames in a crop: compositional building blocks (or, the future of photography?) (28 Jun 2012)
Video: A B&W workflow tutorial (8 Jun 12)
Start with the end in mind: visualizing your shots (31 May 2012)
Black and white conversion options (29 May 2012)
Color or black and white? (22 May 2012)
Chasing perfect color, and common myths about white balance (21 May 2012)
Balancing content and technical perfection (15 May 2012)
Some thoughts on storage and backups (30 Apr 2012)
Stabilization systems and their limitations (28 Apr 2012)
Zone focusing and shooting hyperfocal (24 Apr 2012)
Workflow (22 Apr 2012)
The process of editing (20 Apr 2012)
The inexact science of color and emotion (19 Apr 2012)
Looking at images (18 Apr 2012)
Contact sheets, and how to use them (16 Apr 2012)
Defining style, and finding your own (13 May 2012)
Perspectives, revisited (4 Apr 2012)
How to: improve your autofocus performance with the AF-fine tune setting (27 Mar 2012)
The confusion between T-stops and f-stops (26 Mar 2012)
Pet peeve: proper perspective practice (11 Mar 2012)
Watch photography, part one: introduction (5 Mar 2012)
Watch photography, part two: using what you’ve got (6 Mar 2012)
Watch photography, part three: getting serious (7 Mar 2012)
The importance of shot discipline (24 Feb 2012)


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  1. Mr Thein…you . are . unbelievable !!!!!
    I’ve been following you on Flickr for about a year because I’ve come across your work and it is consistently great, But today I came to your website and read your review on the Leica M240. There is nothing else like it on the web. It was beyond thorough and detailed, which is cool because I’ve learned a lot more about the Leica M240 that I didn’t know before. But the most incredible thing is how you have included so many amazing examples of your work with the camera and assorted lenses. I’ve never read a review of any camera from anyone who has done what you do. Even now that you have the Leica Q and already you have amazing examples uploaded to share with us.
    I just wanted to say that I am so impressed, and a big fan of your work. Thank you for putting in the time and effort into your photography and blog. I hope one day I can take a workshop with you and meet you. That would be awesome.
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks. I suspect that’s because most reviewers are bloggers, and make their money through ads and referrals. I’m a photographer and make my income by shooting images for clients…whatever gets posted with your name on it is pretty much out in the public domain forever, so I’m careful to post only images I’m happy with – even for a review.

      Next (and probably final) workshop for this year will be in Chicago in September…details coming soon.

  2. I remember seeing a comment in one of your articles that mentioned a setup for shooting digital copies of film versus scanning. I would be very interested in seeing a write up (with a picture?) of your setup. Might be helpful for a lot of your readers as scanning film has become an issue for a lot of us.
    Recently discovered your site and have been reading through many of the posts. Very interesting and well written. Especially enjoyed the cigar review.

    • I was supposed to make and sell that, but the production costs made it completely unattractive. Don’t think I’ll be releasing it for open source either, sorry. Too much work went in…

  3. Thanks for all the information you share, it’s really inspiring!

  4. If you made the content available in your iPad app into a kindle book then I’d buy it…

  5. Billy Walker says:

    You have added a black edge around most of your images that contain your name in white letters within that edge. How do you do that?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Wesley Walker says:

    Hi Ming,
    First up, I like the direction you are thinking of taking for the site. As a regular blog reader, I reckon this is a sustainable measure that takes into account what people want and what’s good for you. Well thought. I was trolling the net and came across a post that might be of interest to you. Check it out – I may decide to look at the system myself.

    Cheers, Wes Walker

    • Thanks Wes. To the link I have to say hmm…actually, most collectors are sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. The industry is changing its presentation, but slowly. And the images are just flat and boring…I suppose it’s good for things that require repetition/ consistency though. That said, a lot of those kinds of images are now done using CG – it’s faster and cheaper. What the photographers are being hired for is creative interpretation, which isn’t something your average CG artist can do (or render properly, for that matter).

      • Wesley Walker says:

        Righto. It is really great to get that kind of feedback from you – as someone just starting to come to grips with all of the variables in shooting a subject, it helps to hear your thoughts.


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