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Please use this form to contact me about professional photography services or workshops, or just ask a question. I’ll do my best to reply to everybody, I promise. However, please read the Twenty Questions FAQ before sending me an email, your question might already be answered there.

Please note that the answer to virtually every ‘what should I buy’ or ‘should I buy X or Y’-type question is usually not important: this is simply because in all cases, the photographer makes the greatest difference, not the equipment, and moreover, every individual’s requirements and shooting styles are different. For obvious reasons involving conflict of interest, I cannot review non-Hasselblad equipment.

I recommend education instead – the Teaching Store is a good place to start. There is no point in having better equipment but lacking the ability to use it, and my needs and evaluation criteria will almost certainly be different from yours. However, if you feel you must have validation, then I suggest looking at my Recommended Gear List; or Camerapedia: if I’ve used or recommend something, my opinion is already here. For technical support on Hasselblad equipment, please contact


  1. Andrea MAGEE says:

    I asked a question on Sunday any advice please?

  2. Ming,
    The critique information is now missing,,,
    Best Wishes – Eric

  3. I love your work!!!

  4. annomyous says:

    just want to thank you for sharing your folio, it has been an inspiration to me espically the japan catergory. It really shows me a different view of the same place i so very much love. Can’t wait to get a FF and a 85 f1.4 and try and learn more the ‘through the human every day eye’ sort of feel for images. your images tell their own stories and an 3D feel about them.

    thanks very much again!

    BTW your japan GT link doesn’t seem to work.


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