Garage sale time – UPDATE: All sold, thanks!


I’ve got far too much stuff in my dryboxes; it’s time to let somebody else enjoy the bits of gear I’m not using. Up for sale today, we have five items; prices are in USD excluding shipping (depends on where and how you’d like it sent, of course) but including PayPal fees (you can use a credit card, too; let me know and I’ll send you a checkout link). Everything is in perfect working order and has been QC’d by me personally. If you’re interested in any of the items or have a question, please email me. Same goes if you think my prices are out of whack – make me an offer! Thanks, MT

Leica 2/28 Summicron-M ASPH, 6bit. SOLD
Condition – Glass perfect, some tiny cosmetic marks on barrel grooves.
Includes – Original hood, caps
Notes – An outstanding copy optically; I bought this one over a boxed one at the same price because of the (noticeable) difference in optics. I’m increasingly a fan of one-body one-lens, and since I can’t afford two Leicas and prefer the 50/1.4 ASPH, this has seen very little use.

28 cron

Nikon F3/T, rare black version. SOLD
Condition – This one has obviously been through the wars. It’s a user, not a collector. Paint loss and edge brassing letting the titanium show through. I’ve shown it in the worst possible light in the images. Fully functional, of course.
Includes – Camera, body cap, battery.
Notes – Black F3/Ts are very rare; here’s one that you won’t mind using. I’ve got three film Nikons – and this one just isn’t getting any use.


Ricoh GR1v black. SOLD
Condition – Excellent, very minor signs of use. Fully functional. No LCD problem.
Includes – Camera, battery.
Notes – Sourced from Tokyo and checked by GR-series expert Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter. I’m just using it a lot less than I thought I would. I reviewed this very same camera here.


Carl Zeiss ZM 2/50 Planar. SOLD
Condition – Perfect except for slight mount brassing (see picture). Optically excellent, no play in focusing ring.
Includes – Box, papers, original caps – as new
Notes – The 50mm RF to have if you can’t have the 50/1.4 ASPH – works great on M4/3 cameras with an adaptor, too. Preferable to the 2/50 Summicron-M and not that far off the 2/50 APO-Summicron-ASPH.


Gitzo GH1780QR head and spare QR plate. SOLD
Condition – As new
Includes – One extra QR plate. I swear I’ve got the box somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. Might show up between now and then.
Notes – Lightweight and sturdy. Full bubble levels built in. I’ve replaced it with an Arca-Swiss P0 which suits my macrophotography needs better.



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Images and content copyright Ming Thein | 2012 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. Scott W says:

    I see Ming has sold his GR1v. I have one for sale, if anyone is interested. It’s in fantasic condition! Check it out here:

  2. Leonard Hobbs says:

    Ming – you have a big rectangular box in place of what I assume would be a photo on the garage sale place. Says “This Image or Video Is Unavailable” in multiple languages. Was there yesterday and again today (8 AM Sunday, PST, USA.

    • Something is very, very wrong with flickr. I’ve deleted, re-uploaded and replaced the image several times and I can see it fine here, but it seems that nothing I do can fix it. No matter, it’s a collage of the individual images anyway. 🙂

  3. Oskar O. says:

    Maybe it’s good that the 50/2 ZM was sold already when I read this so I can still try to have a little break from buying… And I love my 35/2 ZM, so 50 would be a bit close, but some things are not about rational decisions…

  4. Hey Ming,

    I’m amazed you’re selling that Leica 28. I thought that was an extension of yourself. I’ve seen much of your work with the 50 1.4 ASPH but most of it I remember seeing on your OM-D body. I wonder if we’ll be seeing some more shots with this lens and wonder too if you’ll be doing a full review of it someday. I’d be interested in both. Happy Spring Sales Event! 🙂

    • I bought it, used it in Myanmar, and not at all since. The 50 works better for me as a general purpose lens, the 28 for documentary – I guess I’m doing less of that than I used to. And when I do, I think the OM-D’s 12mm has conditioned me to want something slightly wider. Not saying no outright to reviews, but also not on the near horizon for now…

  5. Charlie Z says:

    Interested to hear your thoughts on the Arca Swiss P0…

    • Overall, it’s great – very sturdy, locks without droop, and the elliptical ball prevents accidents from happening when going vertical. Putting the piviot point closer to the camera helps when dropping 90 degrees. One complaint though, the pan base is very small indeed, and doesn’t give sufficient friction to tightly lock a QR system to. If you use Arca’s own QR system, you’re stuck with very expensive and very difficult to get plates. (I bought a Manfrotto RC4 system to match my other tripods and heads).

  6. Hi Ming, just a thought to financially keep your site running, why not offering a buy/sell service and charge a commission?
    I am not sure what I am saying here technically speking, but maybe not a bad idea, and there, i am sure, nobody would mind some ads as well, so you keep your blog clean.
    Best regards,

    • I thought about it, but I’d rather not increase the complexity and/or start implying personal guarantees. I don’t think the fees would be worthwhile for either party…

  7. What kind of dryboxes do you use?

    • Some discount brand I found locally – doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it’s just a relatively airtight box with a heating element and fan.

  8. The main photo is not showing up Ming.

  9. Stan Serota says:

    I would buy the gitso head

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