The recommended gear list

One of the things I’ve been frequently asked for is a concise list of recommended gear – preferably stuff you can still buy new – I’ve finally gotten around to creating it. This will be an updated, living document that has its own page. You can find the Recommended Gear List here. MT


  1. Steve Jones says:

    Fuji X20? Really? On the list without owning and using it? I think many cameras can excel in one or two areas, in this case finder and AF speed but what are they really like in real world shooting? I guess we’ll find out when you get yours!
    The little Fuji must REALLY have impressed you. New M might be the first digital M I think is worth the pain of the expense.

    • Handled it again today; was at my dealer and he said local stock arrived yesterday. Nearly bought it. Didn’t, because I know I’m getting a long term loaner. But the finder really does make a difference for me – and AF is positively brisk. On par with or faster than the OM-D, in my opinion. Test files I’m looking at now are pretty good with the latest version of ACR, too.

  2. Hi Ming, I see you have the new M on your list. Can one “assume” you have one on order? I understand the issues you had with the M9 reliability and would guess the new M has different electronics that have corrected the past SD card issues.

    • Yes, I have one on order. Didn’t encounter any SD card issues while testing, even using the previously forbidden kinds. Lord only knows when it’s going to arrive though. I’m secretly hoping in time for the US tour, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  3. Tim L. Shuck says:

    Curious about the Fujifilm X20 on your list, which hasn’t yet been released. The X20 and the Sony RX100 are close in price, and are of the size and have the features I’m considering for my next camera. Could you elaborate on why the X20 is on your list? Thanks.

    • I handled one briefly – impressed with the finder and AF speed; it’s not that compact, unfortunately. But it is very usable – easy to set zoom and exposure comp quickly, much more so than the Sony. And the finder helps stabilize the camera when put up to your eye. I’ve got one on pre-order which should have been shipped earlier in the week; slightly delayed, I’m told. The big unknown is file quality – especially now ACR has better X-trans support…

  4. Mahmoud says:

    I thought (Just thought) that the high resolution lens needed to get the all of the high resolution sensors still not yet fabricated by Nikon … I know that some lens such as 85/1.4, 14-24/2.8 or 70-200/2.8 are recommended, but I thought they are still not be able to feed each pixel on the high sensors (36 MP of D800/E) as designed … I am not a Professional & may be wrong … Just answering your question to thought.

    • Those on the list have sufficient resolution and microcontrast for the D800e. I’ve tested most of them extensively to determine what goes in my own gear bag.

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