Announcing the Carl Zeiss Food Photography Masterclasses 2012!

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I’m pleased to announce my latest workshop – I’ve been invited by the Carl Zeiss representatives in Kuala Lumpur to host a series of workshops. We decided to do something different:

  • Gourmet food: check. Tasting menus and private spaces at some of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur; for the foodies alone, this is worth most of the price of entry.
  • Photography: check. I’ll be running a food photography masterclass at each of these; we’ve adapted the menu to cater for both gourmets and photographers, and photographer-gourmets. Food is one of my passions; I take it almost as seriously as photography. 😉
  • Gear: check. In addition to there being Carl Zeiss lenses for all mounts for the participants to demo, we’ve also got Profoto to take care of the lighting, and Gitzo to take care of the tripods.
  • Buy a lens and get RM350 off the workshop fee! If you own a lens, bring it along and get RM200 off.
  • There will be three sessions in Kuala Lumpur, on 8 September, 6 October and 11 November.
  • Limited to just 10 places per session. Call 03 7874 9872 ext 293 to book, or send me an email.
  • In a nutshell, each participant gets their own multi-course tasting menu; a Profoto light setup (either individual or shared, depending on the size of the room), a choice of Zeiss glass and a tripod (if you want it). All you have to do is bring your camera and stomach…MT

Edit: A lot of people have asked if you get to eat the food: of course! That’s half the experience – each person gets a multicourse tasting menu prepared for the occasion, which is meant to be photographed and eaten. (Or eaten and photographed, if you’re too hungry.)


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  1. Billy Walker says:

    Will you be doing a food class in the USA in 2014?

  2. Ming, I’m planning to attend the Nov 11 workshop, do you think the Olympus 60/2.8 Macro (assuming I’ll be able to purchase one by then) would be a good fit on my E-M5 for the purpose of this workshop or do you think I should stick with my Nikon D800E and 105/2.8VR, plus the Zeiss’ available for demo?

    • Hi Ciao, either is fine; I’d prefer the OM-D if I’m just shooting casually without lights (more DOF for a given aperture, and therefore less light required) but since we’ll have a full Profoto setup, go with the D800E – that’s what I’ll be shooting 🙂

  3. Fabulous food, Zeiss Lenses and photographic instruction by Ming Thein…sounds heavenly!

    • Thanks Ian – good excuse for you to come to Malaysia, perhaps?

      • would love to…one day…sadly the bank manager says I can’t have a D800 AND a holiday this decade – it’s Whitby Fish & Chips in all it’s 36 mega-pixel glory for me! 😛

        • Haha – sometimes we have to remind ourselves great photos need subjects too – a great subject with an older camera will always make a more interesting image than a boring photo in super high def glory…

  4. Ming

    Would you be offering a class in WATCH PHOTOGRAPHY? I would be interested in that.

    Thanks Patrick

  5. oh my. i’m likely to be broke after my european trip lol would have been great to attend one of these.

    • You already own a lens…which means it’s not that expensive…about half of the remaining fee is actually for the food…you know you want to come!


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