Next year…

…It looks as though I’ll be going to San Francisco, New York, London and Munich to teach, based on the poll results.

And to all of those who voted for Kuala Lumpur – I’ve got a number for this year, so why wait? 🙂

Carl Zeiss Food Photography Masterclasses and report from first class here

Making and finding light with Kristian Dowling


  1. I’m glad that Vienna isn’t to far from Munich 🙂 Depending on the date I’m in!

    • Really enjoyed Vienna last time I was there – especially the food!

      • Thank you for your kind words about my home city. Since my last post I talked with some photofriends about your workshop in munich. Would you care to think about a workshop in vienna too? Depending on the date there might be at least 5 people who are very interested. Could you tell me the average costs per person too, please? Btw, I know even better Restaurants than the “Steirereck” 😉
        Kind regards, Tom

        • No problem. I could certainly do Vienna if the demand is there…

          As for costs, Tokyo should give you an idea. If I teach, I can’t do commercial work, and there are travel expenses etc to cover. Plus I only do small groups (max 6) so I can focus on each participant to help them get the most out of the session.

          Looking forward to the food already!

  2. Put me on the list for NY too! See you next year.

  3. awesome–i’ll see you in nyc. already excited!

  4. Christof Rostert says:

    Oh dear, just as I am about to leave Munich for Zurich.
    You must keep me posted about the dates.

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