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For those of you who would like to attend one of my workshops, but can’t for whatever reason – like me not being able to be everywhere, for instance ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m please to share a little teaser of something coming very soon that will make a lot of people happy…

Together with my production partner, KH Yeo – who’s also the man behind the iPad app and super-server that now serves up nearly unlimited bandwidth downloads for video customers, we’ve spent a good chunk of the last few weeks producing the workshops in a series of videos that can be absorbed at your own leisure. My workshops are typically intensive and 3-4 days long; that’s a lot of material to digest at once, and not everybody has the time. What I intend to do with the video series is produce something accessible that you can watch on your ipad, go out and do an assignment when you’ve got the time, then move on. The videos will extend to both more basic and more advanced topics than I can cover in the workshops – it doesn’t make sense to hold a one person session in one country on one specific topic, but there might be dozens of people in various locations that will find it interesting.

So far, we’ve got a series of 11 planned, perhaps more, depending on the response. The first two videos will cover the fundamentals of imaging, and what is usually the first morning of day one of the workshops – light, subject and framing. These are undergoing final production and will be available in a week or two. We’ll complete the first and second days of the Outstanding Images workshop series syllabus, explore style, look at subject-specific topics, speedlight use, street photography, wildlife photography, a compact camera masterclass, and one or two other topics.

The best news is that they’ll of course also be significantly cheaper than the in-person sessions – we haven’t finalized pricing yet, but I expect the complete series of 11 to come in around the same ballpark as the Email School. Everything will of course also be available via direct download. I see this video series as a compliment to the Email School (and I’ll be doing a special pricing offer on both, too) and an alternative if you want to but are unable to attend one of my workshops. Unfortunately what we can’t do via videos is give instant live feedback, nor can you see me work in person in the same location as you’re in – you’ll still have to attend one of the workshops for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

One last thing – if you can’t wait and would like to do a workshop in person, I’ve got a final slot left for the Prague session in October due to a scheduling issue with one of the participants. If you’d like more info, please click here, or send me an email. MT


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  1. Ming,
    In response to your request for input re. videos, I hope you will keep your plan to produce a segment on the use of speed lights for fill and full flash for non-studio applications. Mastering exposure is still very challenging at times. I am in the queue for a download link to your first 2 videos and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your producing the series.
    Thank you and best wishes,

    • Thanks for the support and feedback, Kim. I just sent out your download links. And yes, there will be a couple of videos on speedlight use…

  2. can’t wait for your “video school series”, indeed i’ve emailed you some times before questioned about the email school, but i’m yet to have time to handle that~

    can we have “early bird” offer if we commit to your whole “video school series”? XD

    • I’d like to say yes, but at this point I don’t know how many videos there will be – unfair for you if there are less than promised, unfair for me if more. But I will be doing a special introductory offer for the month of August for the first two videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tom Harris says:

    Hello Ming and all. I’m excited about the series you’re producing and have been interested in your intro video for some time, but I have been undecided between the DVD and the iPad app. I carry my iPad everywhere and it would be handy to be able to watch the videos there as I use it for 90% of reading and instruction these days, but it’s also important to me to be able to view your videos on my TV with a roommate who is also a photographer. I often view iPad videos through my AppleTV on the larger screen, but some services disable it for licensing reasons. Will I be able to view the videos in your app through the AppleTV as well or should I purchase the DVD in order to do that?

    Thanks for all the inspiration and technical and aesthetic attention to and sharing of detail!

    Best regards,

    • Easy solution, Tom – buy the videos via download, then load them to your ipad via itunes or view on whatever media you want ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the support!

      • Tom Harris says:

        Great, Ming, thanks. I didn’t know they were available for download; I thought only on DVD and in the iPad app. I’ve just placed the order and I see now the “How to order the videos:” paragraph below the video descriptions and links that tells what to do (after placing my order, actually!). That clarifies that they are available for download — it must be that I’ve seen so many comments referring to DVDs and mentions of the iPad app that I didn’t know about the video DL.

        I did include an email with my order, but didn’t specify an email address again for the download link. If I’ve done that incorrectly I hope you can help out. (placing this correspondence here in hopes its helpful to others)

        Looking forward!

        — Tom

        • All download-only now. We have a fast network of servers that distributes these, the iPad app and the upcoming video series. I’ve sent the link over, please let me know if you don’t receive it. Thanks for the support!

      • Tom Harris says:

        Fellow readers, couldn’t ask for better responsiveness. DL link arrived within minutes. Thanks, Ming.

        • No problem. It’s still a manual process as propel often leave special instructions. But generally I’ll get back to you in a few hours at most…

    • hi tom,

      not sure about the DVD, but i’ve also got the iPad app. no regret~

  4. WAF, awesome!

  5. Livijus Raubickas says:

    Woohoo, awsome. Can’t wait for it :).

  6. Benedict says:

    Hi Ming, sorry to hijack this tread but I sent you a few emails about your email courses and I had a specific question. Was wondering if I can get a reply?


    • I got all of your emails and sent you three replies. I think they must have all hit your spam box. Short answer – sorry, I don’t offer what you’re looking for.

  7. Genuinely looking forward to it. Best of luck!

  8. Really looking forward to these videos, Ming!

  9. Anton Bondarenko says:

    Looking forward to this video series. I find your website very informative and I’m pretty sure in video format you will be able to share even more tips and techniques.

  10. Steve Jones says:

    Noe if only you could make them available through i tunes otherwise we will be forced to use the dreaded PayPal!
    Great news though.

    • To be honest, I’m rethinking the whole Apple component: the volume isn’t that high, and Apple takes a criminal 30% of everything. Paypal is bad, but it isn’t that bad.

      • Steve Jones says:

        Wow! 30%? They obviously don’t NEED that much money.

        • But it doesn’t mean they don’t WANT it. I don’t mind paying the tax for access to their sales channel, but it doesn’t make sense to pay for it if the volume isn’t making up for the 30% cut…

  11. I’m looking forward to this video series. You have become one of my favorite photographers since I discovered your work. You have a great talent for street photography and I’m eager for a new resource to learn from you.

  12. Heraldo says:

    Wonderful idea, I’m looking forward to it!

  13. Stรฉphane says:

    Can’t wait to see that !

  14. Oh Man! Every time I saw your post about upcoming workshop I thought wish I could join. Now finally I can ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Awesome stuff Ming! Seriously though you must be some kind of super-human to fit all this in! Thanks for your efforts as always!

  16. Michael Matthews says:

    Very well done. Excellent on-camera presentation, especially while on your feet in an active setting. And it looks like you’ve teamed up with a videographer / editor who has the good sense to keep it stable and forego the fast camera moves and quick-cut editing which plague so much of the video world.

    As a master of marketing and pricing as well as photography, you’ll probably go for the top of the market in your video product’s first-round release — and rightly so. That will leave me out. But, then, I have to save every penny for the E-P5 (through your B&H link, of course) to go with the VF-4 I just ordered.

    Just don’t cut back on the blog; it remains vital to your larger success.

  17. Awesome! Sold!

  18. John weeks says:

    I’m in…either this or the email school.
    What are the real differences of the two? One taylored to the particular photograph I wish to pursue?

    • I’m planning to do a special deal for both. The email school is tailored specifically to you, and will be aimed at people who have needs that aren’t covered by the video series, or for whom them video series is too basic. The video series assumes you know a few basics and takes you to the next level, but of course lacks the personalized feedback of the email school. They’re really two different learning options; it depends on which you’d find more useful personally.

  19. This is wonderful news Ming! Now I know what to tell my wife I’d like as a PhD graduation gift if I can survive this dissertation experience! I second Subroto Mukerji’s reference to masters and you…to the virtuous circle of sharing and honing your gifts!

  20. Would like to participate in the online instruction. What do I need to do?

    • They’ll be a series of videos available to buy and download, starting end of this month/ early next month with the first two installments.

  21. “A true master is one who creates more masters.” I wish you all success in your quest, Ming. You are an exceptional human being, photographer and philosopher. I bet you are into quantum mechanics — superluminal connectivity etc. Nothing else can explain your instant rapport with your followers, except of course the hypnotic quality of your photographs. Look forward to all your posts, since I’ll probably never get to attend any of your workshops.

    • Thank you. I’m actually a physicist by training, so I understand it, but I don’t think I’m into it in the same way as I’m into say…photography.

  22. sergeylandesman says:

    Great news! I am very happy about it.

    Good Luck!

  23. GREGORIO Donikian says:

    At least You look better than Scott Kelby …..


  24. Iskabibble says:

    Damn it!!! Take my money! NOW!!!!

  25. Dr. Paul B. Lewis says:

    Now I will have the full course that I can watch over and over. It will have to refresh the material from the workshop which is the best one I have attended. It is hard to absorb everything from the workshop in the short three days I was with you in New York. Looking forward to the series. Tell your wife hello for me. Paul

    • I figured it’d be good for both people who can’t attend the workshops in person as well as those who have (as a refresher); the full 11 videos will go far beyond the three day syllabus too. We covered a lot of ground, so don’t worry about it ๐Ÿ™‚

      Will tell her you said hi. Keep well Paul!

  26. Great idea – I look forward to this !

  27. Wow! Great idea Ming!
    Thank you so much for all your time and effort!!!

  28. Ming is an unstoppable…

  29. Wonderful Job Ming!

  30. Great video and post Ming. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. You’re becoming a star, Ming. Great vid, great business concept. You’re an inspiration all the way around!

  32. James de Penning says:

    Great idea Ming, very much looking forward to it.

  33. Love the way u introduce KL as “MY CITY” :-). Congratulations on this new endeavor, and I look forward to the product release!

  34. By the way – just a small marketing suggestion. Why not consider to give people who purchase your video set a discount on the eMail school if they join at some future time, to encourage those who watched what you do on video to actually interact with you?

    • That’s part of the plan. I haven’t finished working out the pricing structure yet; there’ll be some incentives for email school and workshop crossovers, just as there are now.

  35. You are a very productive man, Ming! My utmost respect to you. I wish more photographers were just as willing to teach as you. Thanks man.

    • It’s exhausting at times though! In any case, teaching a) helps me to show just how much value I bring to the table professionally, and b) forces me to think through my own photography, improving myself in the process…

  36. Looking forward to this Ming, now I can watch at my own time, own pace and watch it over and over again….good idea.

  37. Hey Ming! Besides being a fantastic photographer, the passion you have for the art of photography really shines thru and inspires, even in the short trailer for the video classes. Looking forward to it!

  38. Awesome!

  39. Wow! Wow! Wow! Can’t wait!!

  40. Very much looking forward to it. You’re using the same music as the FStopper’s wedding DVD, but I’m sure your session will carry a lot more depth than just the routines for wedding photography.

    • I had no idea about that – since I don’t buy wedding photography videos – time to change the music!!

      • Tom Liles says:

        I hate to go all Walt Kowalski in the midst of the applause and good vibes, and I am a “can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all” type. OK, I’m not. But I try to be. Really do. And i’ve held my tongue here… But—FStoppers… Power to the guy and all that, but anyone who calls a photography site/service “FStoppers” just… It offends my aesthetic sense so badly I want to run for the nearest high rise window and jump out. I mean “FStoppers”

        • Well, that wasn’t me at least.

          • Tom Liles says:

            I say all it in jest. But, yes, THANK THE HEAVENS you’re about a million miles away from that, Ming ๐Ÿ™‚

            I dunno, it sounds halfway between a so-bad-it’s-bad comic book series and a “can’t cook, won’t cook” style afternoon television program for housewives and the professionally unemployed. It pretends to be not taking itself so seriously in such a bland, thought-out way… With a tinge of action in the ‘ers’… We’re men of action! We go out, we buy props, we take all bloody day to get a shot of a Rolex because we don’t actually have a clue how the creative business works or what we want to do with lighting, but we can do it! because we’re the FStoppers!!

            /Someone get me my meds!

            • The shot of the Rolex might take all day depending on what the client wants…or it might take five minutes and four hours in PS.

              • Tom Liles says:

                I’m probably digging myself a hole here, but I’d seen a YouTube of the “FStoppers.” Yes, I sat and watched an episode. Painful stuff. Every TV sports magazine program camera angle cliche and AVID fart editing doggerel you’ve ever seen all served up luke warm with a frustrating sense of unawareness—this is a guy/group marketing themselves as pros, professional image makers; they don’t realize — what even a no one like me sees straight off the bat — that things like a talking head package smash cutting to rear angle in black and white is about as cliche as it gets and hasn’t been anything any up and coming professional image maker would think of, since about, ooh, I dunno, NEVER.
                Every image you put up, Ming, is triple A, gold standard, no excuses, stone cold quality; and it’s original. But you obviously appreciate that once an image is out, it’s out: you have to consider a great many people will see your work devoid of all context, not in the setting you intended. You have no control once it’s out, so only put out incontrovertible quality. Or the closest you can get. Only the unarguable [relative, yes], drop dead gorgeous creme de la creme. All the other pros here are the same. And this rule’s the same in any creative profession I know. I get the sense that FStoppers don’t fully appreciate it.

                So I sat and watched FStoppers’ awful video piece. Listened to him say he’d always wanted “to get that shot” of a Rolex “for the Portfolio.” A picture like the ones you see in luxury advertising. I can’t imagine Rolex would have hired him, so it must have been a personal job… but he felt it was important enough that he would teach the World about it on YouTube. He goes to a DIY store to buy some props; shoots a ditty outside the store and admits he has no idea what he wants, so will just wing it, walk about and see what he can see –> he gets something, wait for it, that he ends up not really using; back at the studio he smugly introduces the lighting set-up that three hours or so later he realizes doesn’t work, and changes again, and then changes backings again… We patiently wait for God’s sake, just give us the goods already; and when he does share the finished shot, 12hours later or whatever hideous amount of time it was, at the end of the package: BATHOS CENTRAL.

                I work around real-deal professionals who SPEND DAYS, NAY WEEKS planning for just one shot like that. In the end it goes exactly the way it did for the FStoppers—Murphy’s Law kicks in, it all goes up in the air and you have to improvise. But remember that stuff about Confucianism Ming? The FStopper process was ALL WRONG and betrayed an unpalatable amount hubris. I won’t take naivety as an answer: it was hubris. You don’t make video like that, approach a shoot like that and get a “not guilty” for hubris. Nope.

                If this was a happy amateur I’d be in awe. But it’s a guy in a cliche shirt, with a cliche video and a cliche repertoire trying to sell me something [himself/his site/his ads]. Ok nice try. NO SALE.

                You lost me at “FStoppers”

                [the rest was due dilligence]

                P/S I wouldn’t dare say any of this to his face.

                • I’m not going to watch it because I don’t have the time, and if I did, I wouldn’t waste it watching somebody try to shoot a watch. Some of those shoots might take days to plan, but sometimes we do shoots – like my last watch job – that are 120 images in three days. There is simply NO TIME to faff about; I’ve shot close to a thousand watches at this point, so I’s say I have a bit of experience, but even I was working pretty much flat out, non stop.

                  I can promise you one thing, though. As anybody who’s been on one of my workshops will attest, the teaching content is going to be intense. So intense you will feel wrung out and stretched by the end of day one. But I’d also imagine – am pretty sure actually – my customers are the kind that want exactly this. And that’s precisely what you’ll get from the workshop videos*.

                  *They were also of course be shot by a skilled videographer, edited by somebody with far better skills than me, and the sound mastered properly. I can say this because we did multiple takes for most scenes, and there were three professional audio devices used – one for ambient near me, one for ambient near the camera, and I was wired up with a $1,000 radio mic for the vocals. The toughest part was watching and listening myself for hours to sort out the final cuts…

                  • Tom Liles says:

                    No, God no, you don’t need to watch the FStoppers Ming!

                    Like everyone else, Ming, I’m really looking forward to your videos. The confident production does show through in the teaser there, and you’re obviously savvy that it has to. It’ll be great to see these pan out a success for you—when all’s said and done, your students past, present and prospective will decide that. All I see are amazing photogs [Roger and Ian spring to mind randomly] and happy customers for anything you’ve done.

                    I’m one! ๐Ÿ™‚

                    Oh, is there anything more excruciating than seeing your self on film/video/the screen. I know why Johnny Depp hasn’t watched a single movie he’s been in.
                    [And, at the same time, I don’t understand—I mean, if I were J. Depp… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

                    • Haha, thank you. Point taken. The videos are actually even better than the trailer, especially # 2 and # 3. By nature, the intro fundamentals have to be talking head in studio – but we have plenty of image example to keep things interesting.

                    • Tom Liles says:

                      I’ve probably linked to it a thousand times already, but this. I must have played it a thousand times too. I LOVE to sit and just listen to HCB rap about life, photography, his philosophy.

                      Likewise, someday, I’d LOVE to see you do something like this Ming. Just 20 or 25 minutes, no need for you to get in front of the camera [bonus for you!], play a sequence of your images and talk about them, your process, your philosophy, your thoughts… digress at will, just open up a can of auto-dialog on us.
                      Who knows how many great photos you’ve yet to take; but don’t wait too long, by the same token don’t be too premature. Wait for, braces himself, the right moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    • Actually…you might get your wish, because video one is “MT on photography: the fundamentals”. Except it’s a tick over two hours. ๐Ÿ˜› I can always do another one later, if anybody still cares by the time I’m 50 (or if I’m even still shooting, or if we haven’t all gone video by then).

  41. Awesome – will be looking forward to them!!

  42. ryan hastings says:

    wow this looks really good. I look forward to it.

  43. So is it worth buying the photoshop basic course at the moment or they’re completely different subject?

    • Absolutely, they’re a completely different subject. This series is about photography; the photoshop videos are about postprocessing.

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