Leica M rangefinder calibration service

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I’ve had a number of enquiries about focus precision, rangefinder calibration and adjustment etc. in the last couple of weeks – I suppose it’s because of the need for precision highlighted by the Monochrom’s resolution and 50 APO’s resolving power.

I had the same problem myself in 2009 when shooting with M8s; new lenses would require calibration adjustments and the RF alignment would drift over time with frequent mounting and unmounting. A return trip to Solms for the entire kit of two bodies and several lenses would of course be impractical (both expensive and hugely time consuming), so I learned how to do it myself.

For Leica M shooters in Kuala Lumpur, I offer a rangefinder calibration service for the digital M8/ M9 bodies. It takes an hour, and you pick which lens you would like the body calibrated for – I recommend either your most used lens, or your shallowest DOF one. It is possible to have all bodies calibrated for all lenses, but this will require a long and expensive German holiday for your entire kit as there’s some lens disassembly involved to realign the helicoids…

The adjustment leaves no trace and will therefore not affect your warranty.

Please send me an email if you’d like to make an appointment or enquire about this service. MT


  1. In your review of the Leica M9P blog post, you mentioned that you will be writing a future article describing how to do the focus calibration ourselves. Did you ever write that article? Thanks Ming.

    • No, because in the litigious culture propagated today, I frankly don’t want any responsibility or liability if the person attempting to do it messes up and damages something. 🙂

  2. he he he, I wrote it in my blog: If I WOULD own a Leica M 9, of course I would sent it to you (who else?) to calibrae!

    • Haha, thanks – but remember there are limits to the calibration without disassembling the lenses, and I’m all the way over here in Malaysia…


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