Photoessay: Burlesque party

A continuation of the sequences theme from a few weeks ago; let’s just say this was one of the more fun parties I attended. And being a party, it’s a social occasion; I certainly wasn’t working, but that didn’t prevent me from packing some pocket firepower in case photographic opportunities presented themselves, or I simply got bored with the conversation. (My wife is a long-suffering social and conversational martyr when it comes to me, photography, vacations and parties – thanks Nadiah!) Yes, it was dark, and there is motion blur because I ran out of apertures and shutter speeds (not to mention having trouble focusing on the rapidly moving dancers) – but I definitely think the motion blur adds to the action and slight sense of chaotic fun. MT

This series shot with an Olympus E-PM1 Pen Mini and Panasonic 20/1.7 G.

_PM03612 copy

_PM03580 copy

_PM03592 copy

_PM03625 copy

_PM03594 copy

_PM03589 copy


  1. Chris Cheng says:

    I really love the color and tone of the 2nd and the 4th photo. They have such a cinematic feeling. I guess you have adjusted the color since I can never get this out of my Oly camera. Would you mind sharing a bit the approach to get these lovely colors? Thanks

  2. Suffering for your craft eh? 🙂

    these are really well done and capture the *mood* ,let eh pixel peepers have a heart attack at the blur, I like them 🙂

  3. It reminds me that article about technical perfection. Liked them all!
    Once I did really slow photos on a wedding dance and the results were better than expected.

  4. ordinaryimages says:

    What’s a little motion blur amongst friends ; ] Sharp faces and the atmosphere of the day.

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