Just updated the Olympus E-P5 review…

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I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with a final production Olympus E-P5 for the last week or so, which means I’ve been able to update the image quality section of the review. You can find the whole thing (including the update, of course) here. MT

Thanks to the folks at Olympus Malaysia for making it happen.


  1. The 45mm and 75mm black lenses are now available for order (no more pre-order). They also have the evf, 35MM PLUS ep-5 kits available… Just FYI…

    • The black 75 has been available for a while now – I’ve had mine since July – but the 45 is new…too bad it isn’t metal-bodied like the 75.

  2. This photo highlights one of my biggest concerns about this camera . . . the (almost) nonexistent grip. So OK, I use the 14-150 zoom as my normal lens on my E-PL5: the lens isn’t large, but it’s large enough so that after some hours a good grip is certainly appreciated. And, the grip that came with the E-PL5 wasn’t nearly substantial enough, so I got the auxiliary grip meant for the E-P3. Even then, I had to whittle away at it with a utility knife to make it – kind of – work. But it doesn’t seem as if Olympus has made even that option available on the E-P5.

    BTW, my old E-PL1 had a very nice grip!!

    • No, the interchangeable grip got canned because the wifi module resides inside the new one (the rest of the body is metal and blocks transmission). It’s fine with smaller lenses, but even the OM-D really needs a grip to be use with the 75/1.8 or larger.

  3. robertoforti68 says:

    Hello Ming. I always follow with great interest your blog and I see that the m4/3 system is always present among your reviews, especially with Olympus.
    I currently own a Nikon D7000 with Sigma 10-20 3,5-4,5 DC + 35DX 1,8 + 55-300DX VR and a Nikon V1+10-30VR and FT-1 adapter to use my DX lenses on V1.
    My needs are mostly photos of family (wife and children) for 60%, 30% landscapes and holidays and 10% various (street and various subject).
    Shooting often indoors without flash (I do not really like this) I need to use high ISO so often in 1600 or 3200, although I would use up to 6400. The D7000 is also able to use this ISO mode (its maximum limit), but the V1 I use most frequently, to the reduced weight and easy handling, is not very good already 3200 (1600 too… sometimes).
    I would like to go to the m4 / 3 system, buying a mirrorless like the E-P5 or even E-PL5, although I would prefer the Panasonic G6 just out for ergonomics reflex type. For use with high ISO and minimum editing what would you advise me? Or are we on the same performance as the D7000?
    Thank you and congratulations for your pictures, truly “stratospheric” level.

    Friendliness and good job
    Roberto Forti, Modena, Italy

    • Sensor of the E-P5, ergonomics and eye level finder of the G6 – buy the OM-D. JPEGs require less work than the D7000, too. High ISO is about the same.

  4. Thank You for the Review Ming! This is very tempting. We have so much rain in Seattle I would likely pick the OM-D… Nice to have a choice though.


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