Photoessay: Hong Kong life in monochrome

The first set from my recent Hong Kong and Macau workshop. Click for larger versions or EXIF data via the flickr landing page. Enjoy! MT

Images shot with a Leica M9-P, Zeiss ZM 2.8/28 Biogon, ZM 2/50 Planar, Olympus OM-D and 45/1.8.

_M9P2_L1000243bw copy

_M9P2_L1000655bw copy

_5006315bw copy

_5006438bw copy

_5006253bw copy

_M9P2_L1000041bw copy

_M9P2_L1000348bw copy

_M9P2_L1000288bw copy

_M9P2_L1000109bw copy

_M9P2_L1000005bw copy

_5006205bw copy

_M9P2_L1000310bw copy


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  1. Hey Ming!

    Love that first shot with the reflected sidewalk. What happened to Pt. II the color set from Macau? Really enjoyed the those, especially the photogenic umbrellas, the shop window reflection punctuated by mirror-image typography, and the experiments with architectural and color composition (as you know something close to my own heart). Nicely seen.


  2. Very nice set Ming!
    #1,3,5,11 are my favorites, with #11 being most favorite because of the beautiful s curve lines.
    Were most of these converted to B&W using desaturate with curves or did any use gradsent map technique?
    Does your DVD cover any B&W conversion examples?

  3. As always, fantastic photos Ming! You seem to have an amazing ability to give your photos a certain contrast and depth thats very unique. Always a learning experience coming to your blog.

    It surprises me how this set of photos is a mix from a $1400 kit and a $9000 kit, and yet, I wouldn’t bet which came from which camera (at least as viewed on the web). I’m not saying anything (negative or positive) about either camera as each has its own merits and advantages. But it’s amazing how good we have it nowadays in digital imaging! The camera is no longer the weak link.

  4. Ming, the patterns, the lines, the silhoutettes, the “vibe” of your photos is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing these photos with us!

  5. I am amazed every time looking at your work! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Christof Rostert says:

    Ming, I think your photos are excellent and, as always, show your enormous skill. On the other hand, living in Munich, Germany, I thought these scenes could have been taken anywhere. For me there is not that much “Hong Kong” in them. Know what I mean?

    • Thank you. Nope, there isn’t much Hong Kong – but then again, it seems as though the more a city modernizes, the less of its individual DNA remains. The stores are the same, the cars are the same, the infrastructure is of ‘an international standard’, the people dress the same…that soul disappears. This set was shot in Central, the previous one in Kowloon – that’s probably the difference.

  7. Ciao Ming, great series and makes me wish l could visit Hong Kong with my camera of course!

  8. Travis Rhodes says:

    I’m working on trying to find beauty in where I live, but seeing these pictures makes it hard :). Very awesome, and I love how you capture the essence of Hong Kong.

    • Thanks Travis! Sometimes it’s easier to approach a place with a fresh pair of eyes and no preconceptions – if you live there, it’s easy to get jaded.

  9. Excellent, really love the lines and the rain. Beautiful!

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