One day left for ‘Only The Clouds…’ + Verticality IV prints…

_8041831 copy Verticality IV
Only the clouds are truly free… and Verticality IV

Thank you all for the great response so far! A gentle reminder: one day left to order Only the clouds are truly free or Verticality IV; available at 24×16″ (edition of 35) and 10×15″ (edition of 50) sizes – click here for more details and to order. 

The run will close on 31 December 2013, and we’ll print and ship in early January 2014.

Thanks again for the support! MT

Update: there plenty left at the smaller 10×15″ and 12×12″ sizes, but only a few of each at 16×24″ and 20×20″; I admit this is not what I expected. 🙂

Last (special) print run of the year

_8041831 copy
Only the clouds are truly free…

Firstly, thank you for all of the compliments, emails, likes and shares on this image – surprisingly far more than even the most popular gear review. Thank you also for the support for the last two runs, and all of the recent enquiries via email on prints of this image; it’s because of this that I’m pleased to offer one final print sale for 2013…read on to order and for more details.

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Last day for the print sale

Final selection

I’ll be closing orders for the limited edition print run at the end of today – if you would like a print, please see the details below. Thanks!

Remember, I will only print these images once, at this size. Ever. Once this run is complete, there will be no more prints. 

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The limited edition print run – now closed

Final selection

And the people have spoken: following the voting, I’m pleased to be able to offer four images as a very limited print run. And when I say limited, I mean limited:

I will only print these images once, at this size. Ever. Once this run is complete, there will be no more prints.

Interested? Read on to order.

Update: orders closed today with a total of 52 prints – a result beyond what I hoped for; thank you all for your support! I spent the day supervising printing and signing prints; they’ll ship in the next few days and should arrive within the next couple of weeks thereafter.

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Announcing a limited edition print sale – vote for your favourite images

Jun 2013 print run master

Following on from the results of that survey on the direction of this site several months back, it seems that there is definitely some interest in a limited run of prints: how many, exactly, I have no idea. But in collaboration with local master printer Wesley Wong of Giclee Art (he does all of my exhibition and commercial printing, and a good number of other major local pros), I’m pleased to open up a print offer for my readers from my body of work from the first half of this year. If this is a success – and of course I hope it is – I think it may well turn into a biannual or quarterly affair.

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