Announcing a limited edition print sale – vote for your favourite images

Jun 2013 print run master

Following on from the results of that survey on the direction of this site several months back, it seems that there is definitely some interest in a limited run of prints: how many, exactly, I have no idea. But in collaboration with local master printer Wesley Wong of Giclee Art (he does all of my exhibition and commercial printing, and a good number of other major local pros), I’m pleased to open up a print offer for my readers from my body of work from the first half of this year. If this is a success – and of course I hope it is – I think it may well turn into a biannual or quarterly affair.

Here’s how it’ll work: there will be three images on offer, at approximately 13×19″ or 20×20″ print size with a 2″ white border, on HP Premium Semi-Matte – it’s my favourite paper, used for pretty much everything. (Alternately, I may offer the B&W images on baryta fiber paper, but this will increase the cost a bit.) Inks are of course pigment based and archival grade, with I’m told a 100+ year lifespan. The important info:

  1. All prints will be checked and signed personally.
  2. I’ll open orders for two weeks, with the checkout buttons active for that period of time. After the two weeks, I’ll have the batch printed, and take care of the shipping; prints will be sent in hard poster tubes by EMS and should take about 1-2 weeks to arrive thereafter (depending on where you live).
  3. The final price for each print will depend on the number of prints and the size (a 20×20″ obviously costs more to print than a 13×19″), but I’m aiming to get it under US$200, inclusive of shipping worldwide.

And the really important bit:

I will never print these images at this size on this paper again. I can’t do much better than that in terms of exclusivity – who knows, these may be worth something in the future… 🙂

Now, we just need to decide which three make the cut; asking me to decide is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child; without further ado, please cast your votes – you can select up to three, and all images are shown larger below. The poll will close in a week. Thanks! MT

_5017708 copy
1 – A view of manufactured nature. San Francisco, 2013. 14×19″

_5018616 copy
2 – Vertical flow. San Francisco, 2013. 20×20″

_5020038 copy
3 – The sky is the aeroplane. San Francisco, 2013. 19×14″

_5022162 copy
4 – Urban reflections. New York City, 2013. 14×19″

_5023806 copy
5 – Dusk. Kuala Lumpur, 2013. 14×19″

_6002590 copy
6 – Oculus. Basel Messe, 2013. 19×13″

_8036402 copy
7 – Verticality. KLCC Kuala Lumpur, 2013. (Digital print from 6×6 film) 20×20″

_A_DSC1477 copy
8 – Dawn. London, 2013. 20×20″

_P580022b copy
9 – Summer stroll. Kuala Lumpur, 2013. 14×19″

_RX100_DSC4074 copy
10 – On reflection. San Francisco, 2013. 15×19″

_RX100_DSC4186 copy
11 – Transamerica Pyramid. San Francisco, 2013. 19×13″

_X20_DSCF0339 copy
12 – Radio City sunshine. New York City, 2013. 19×13″


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Images and content copyright Ming Thein | 2012 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. darrell says:

    what about your pic of the waiter in Italy running down steps, or the bentley in italy, or the farrari outside the shop window I think in KL, one has to try to imagine these framed on the wall in your home, there are many photos which look good on the net or in an exhibit but may not work in ones home
    To this end I think 11 o 7 would work well at home because there is an element of modern art in their lines…………

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t think any of the ones you mentioned would work on a wall at home – people images have to have some personal connection to the exhibitor; same with objects. I may sell a few to Bentley owners or aspirants, but judging by the same of responses, I think my initial selection was reasonably on – what I thought would work, does. Unfortunately because of subjective nature of photography, there’s simply no way to please everybody…

      • Hi MT, I’ve voted but have to agree with others that my hope was for some of your Japan or people images – the personal connection can come from the place or emotion.

  2. That airplane shot is absolutely fantastic!

  3. Dwaine Dibbly says:

    12 photos, 12 months in a year. I smell a calendar!

    (Can’t vote now. I need to sleep on it.)

  4. Mark Robinson says:

    Hi Ming, you mention that your favourite paper is HP Premium Semi- Matte so I thought I would try some as I use a HP printer, I googled HP Premium Semi- Matte but could not find it anywhere even on the HP website, can you help?
    Many thanks Mark

  5. Ming, the best picture I have EVER seen in my life is the one you shot of two young females chatting at night on a street or restaurant in a tropical country. Going through all your pictures I did not manage to find it again.

  6. My favorites are #4 and #10, but I do not plan to purchase any so I am not voting. Thanks.

  7. Ming, will you put more pictures or just these? I have many favorites of mine in your collection, but I do not see them here.

    • There will be more in future if the demand is enough – this is the first edition. Which ones did you like in particular? It’s always possible to arrange something independently 🙂

  8. Shoibal Datta says:

    Ming, re #8, that seems to be on the standard approach to Heathrow and if you are lucky with the clouds and light you get some fabulous views of central London. But by the time the aircraft gets to this view point it’s “all electronic devices off”. How did you manage this one?

    • Yes, it is – but having flown this approach many times, I’ve not had such a good opportunity. For everything to work, you have to a) have a window seat b) be flying in at the right time of day c) have the right weather d) not be on the wrong side of the plane e) have a clean and unscratched window f) be sitting up front to avoid thermal blurring/ turbulence from the engines when you point the camera down g) be at the right attitude h) have the camera ready. I’m sure there are one or two other factors, but as you can see there are a LOT of contingent ifs. In my years of flying – I was a consultant for a while and averaged >100 sectors a year – I’ve had an opportunity like this perhaps three times.

      As for devices off – a small camera and my fortunately my client paid for business class; they tend to bother you less in front 🙂

      • Shoibal Datta says:

        Yup, I do this sector many times a year and there’s a lot of ifs.

        The other “if” is if you can pass yourself off as (in your words) a “Japanese tourist”. Some FA’s can be positively military! :-). Great collection of shots.

  9. Voted for Radio City Music Hall…this place has a special place in my heart…my Dad took me to see Star Wars there on its opening week (1977, so I was 6, but still one of my best memories ever!).

  10. I especially appreciated the woman with trolley behind her in San Fran, yet another one of your very nice children.

  11. I pick 1-12 🙂

    Actually 12,3,4 and then 10,7,6

  12. NeutraL-GreY says:

    Did you actually visualize the airplane in shot 3 while taking the picture or did you realize in post?


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