FD: From the opening party of “Engineering Art in Metal”

_G004614 copy

It’s been a busy January. I finally found some time to develop the film from the opening night party of my current exhibition, ‘Engineering Art in Metal’ – it’s at the Center for Asian Photographers and has been extended until mid-February, so if you’re in town, please go have a look. (More details are here.)

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First exhibition of 2014: Engineering Art in Metal

EAIM exhibition poster 1000px

I’m pleased to announce that 2014 is going to get off the ground with a bang! My third solo exhibition, Engineering Art In Metal, will run from 2-31 January 2014 at The Center For Asian Photographers in Kuala Lumpur. Click on for details.

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Quick shots from my ‘Diametric Opposites: East and West’ exhibition


For those who can’t make it to my exhibition for geographic or logistical reasons but would like to have a look anyway, I went back after the opening party (covered well by fellow Malaysian photographer Robin Wong here) to get a few images of the exhibition. There are a few thrown in from the evening, though I admit I was too busy talking to people to do much documenting. I have to say a huge thank you to Leica – especially George Wong and Johann Effendy for organizing things – and of course our host, the owner of the Leica Starhill store – Raymond from Keat Camera. I’m also touched by the support of everybody who turned up for the party – I think over 80 in the end, we were expecting 20-30…hope you all had a great evening, I know I certainly did – enjoy! MT

Coda: The images were shot over several years with a mix of M8/ M9-P, NOT the new M as the internet seems to be speculating. That would be impossible, seeing as Thaipusam 2013 hasn’t happened yet, and there was no new M in February 2012 when the most recent images were shot.

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Diametric opposites: my upcoming exhibition

Leica Starhill exhibition poster v1 jan13

I’m happy to present my upcoming exhibition sponsored by Leica and Keat Camera at their Starhill Gallery store in Kuala Lumpur – starting from this Friday 18th of January, and running for a month til 18 Feb. If you’re in town, you’re welcome to join the opening reception on Friday 18th at 7.30pm; I’ll be there giving personal tours. Thanks! MT

The complete set of images from my exhibition with Jaeger Le-Coultre and Leica

For those of you who can’t make the exhibition in person, here’s the next best thing.

For the making of, see this post. MT

_M9P1_L1014229 copy

Amvox 5 chronograph detail

_M9P1_L1014172 copy

Amvox 5 Chronograph

_M9P1_L1013962 copy

The Deep Sea in a dial

_M9P1_L1013790 copy

Trilobed chaton, Master Minute Repeater

_M9P1_L1013739 copy

Master Minute Repeater

_M9P1_L1013662 copy

Duometre a Spherotourbillon

_M9P1_L1013608 copy

If only we could wear it upside down…

_M9P1_L1013556 copy

The Spherotourbillon cage

_M9P1_L1013484 copy


_M9P1_L1013449 copy

Duometre a Sphertourbillon in recline

_M9P1_L1013340 copy

Duometre a Sphertourbillon movement detail

_M9P1_L1013250 copy

Duometre 40.5

_M9P1_L1010108 copy

For the ladies

_7056884 copy

Escapement – Gyrotourbillon II

_7056862 copy

Caged – Gyrotourbillon I

_M9P1_L1009941 copy

Follow the sun – equation of time indicator on the Gyrotourbillon I

_7054011 copy

Swan Lake in a dial

_7053570bw copy

X-ray vision

_7053324 copy

Gyrotourbillon II

_7053295-LARGE copy

Gyrotourbillon II

_M9P1_L1014615 copy

Three is the magic number

_M9P1_L1014513+28 copy


_M9P1_L1014454 copy

Waiting to be wound

_M9P1_L1014371 copy

Moon and stars a Rendez-Vous

_M9P1_L1014260 copy

The world on your wrist


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Opening night of my joint exhibition with Jaeger Le-Coultre and Leica

_7063611 copy

Last night was the grand opening party for my exhibition of fine art watch photography at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pending any unforeseen changes, the images should be up for the next month on the first (Adorn) floor, and were co-sponsored by Jaeger Le-Coultre and Leica. Some images from the launch party follow.

For my KL readers, I’ll also be on radio – a short interview – on Friday, 4th May at 1.45pm on BFM 88.9. For everybody else, there’s a podcast on bfm.my. MT

Sorry, no POTD today – was trying to rush these out for today’s post.

Some images courtesy KH Yeo (D700, 24/1.4) and myself (M9-P, 35/1.4 ASPH FLE).

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An open invitation to my exhibition of watch photos sponsored by Jaeger Le-Coultre and Leica

If you’ve got some free time and are in Kuala Lumpur, please drop by to have a look. The exhibition is on the Adorn Floor of Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang – where all of the watch boutiques are located. It’s scheduled to run for the month of may but there may be some changes to venue after the first week. I’ll update accordingly here.

More details on how the images were shot here and here.

I’ll also be hosting a small gathering for readers who’d like to come and have a guided tour of the exhibition; we can go grab coffee afterwards and shoot the breeze about anything photographic. This will take place at 10.30am on Saturday 5th May; we’ll meet across the road by the fountain at Pavilion. Would be great if you could leave a comment if you want to come, so I know who to expect. If you can’t make it, drop me an email and I’ll try to meet you there another time. Thanks! MT