The complete set of images from my exhibition with Jaeger Le-Coultre and Leica

For those of you who can’t make the exhibition in person, here’s the next best thing.

For the making of, see this post. MT

_M9P1_L1014229 copy

Amvox 5 chronograph detail

_M9P1_L1014172 copy

Amvox 5 Chronograph

_M9P1_L1013962 copy

The Deep Sea in a dial

_M9P1_L1013790 copy

Trilobed chaton, Master Minute Repeater

_M9P1_L1013739 copy

Master Minute Repeater

_M9P1_L1013662 copy

Duometre a Spherotourbillon

_M9P1_L1013608 copy

If only we could wear it upside down…

_M9P1_L1013556 copy

The Spherotourbillon cage

_M9P1_L1013484 copy


_M9P1_L1013449 copy

Duometre a Sphertourbillon in recline

_M9P1_L1013340 copy

Duometre a Sphertourbillon movement detail

_M9P1_L1013250 copy

Duometre 40.5

_M9P1_L1010108 copy

For the ladies

_7056884 copy

Escapement – Gyrotourbillon II

_7056862 copy

Caged – Gyrotourbillon I

_M9P1_L1009941 copy

Follow the sun – equation of time indicator on the Gyrotourbillon I

_7054011 copy

Swan Lake in a dial

_7053570bw copy

X-ray vision

_7053324 copy

Gyrotourbillon II

_7053295-LARGE copy

Gyrotourbillon II

_M9P1_L1014615 copy

Three is the magic number

_M9P1_L1014513+28 copy


_M9P1_L1014454 copy

Waiting to be wound

_M9P1_L1014371 copy

Moon and stars a Rendez-Vous

_M9P1_L1014260 copy

The world on your wrist


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Images and content copyright Ming Thein | 2012 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. Rafael Macia says:

    I use the same equipment. On the VIII I use a 65 Black Elmar. I own the 90 Macro. Never occurred to attach it to the Viso. Leica is always a sharper knife. Good luck to you. Excellent work!
    Rafael Macia

    • Thanks! Give it a try! Works great with the bare viso, or bellows.

      • Rafael Macia says:

        Is the black Leitz adaptor ring I see you use to attach a bayonet lens to the front of your Bellows II a, “UOOND”/16596 ? ( a ring actually made for the earlier model Bellows I) ?
        Visoflex is the ultimate in esoteric plumbing !

  2. michael says:

    Stunning! The artisans who create these must love the way that you highlight all of the details of these amazing pieces. Nicely done!

  3. Chris Ellison says:

    These truly are an example of a craft taken to it’s highest level. I love your work and this blog has become one of the first sites I visit each day.

  4. Robert Stark says:

    Ming, like Mann Ray shooting for Vogue, your “commercial work” is also art. In your work you maintain the highest level of craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity. These photographs are a pleasure to behold apart from any of their intended commercial purposes.

    Those students of photography are fortunate indeed who are able to take classes or attend workshops under your direction.

    Oh, and to continue our discussion of colour and black and white, the colour works so very well here, as does your black and white — and in some the colour is so subtle and unsaturated that one is at first glance not sure. It reminds me that both are wonderful — just as the paintings and drawings of a master are both wonderful although the viewer may be affected differently by the mediums.

    If I were a museum curator, I’d buy your photographs rather than the watches.


    • Thanks Robert. I wish I could say these were commercial beyond the gallery exhibition, but they weren’t…one day, perhaps I will be able to afford to buy the watches I photograph!

      In all seriousness, fine art prints can be arranged if you’re interested – let me know.

      • Robert Stark says:

        I’m surprised to learn that the photographs aren’t used in print advertisements.

        As for exhibiting them on my own walls at home (where I also work), alas with two young children continually turning our small apartment upside down (Naples comes to mind, if you know that city), we don’t have the proper environment to display your wonderful photographs. You make me wish I were a museum curator or at least a gallery owner but I’m not and this compliment, I’m afraid, therefore is “cold comfort” to you.

        • Haha, well, it happens – I was going to suggest the office, but it doesn’t sound like that’s workable either since it’s also doing double duty as home. Perhaps next time!

  5. Absolutely captivating and inspiring. Wonderful images Ming.

  6. Andy Selinger says:

    Love your website and photos! Your fine art watch series shows skill, control, variety and inventiveness. Great work !!!

  7. parameteres says:



  1. Anonymous says:

    […] Ming Thein bloggpost med noen helt OK bilder av helt OK klokker…. […]

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