Photoessay/ Drone diaries: Postcards from Europe, part I

DJI_0026 copy

Today’s images are a series shot from various parts of Europe – mainly Sweden and Switzerland. Some were captured as part of scouting for another shoot with the much larger M600/H6D-100c combination, and some were simply because the weather looked incredible and there was no reason not to fly*. The packing penalty for including the Mavic in my travel bag is so small that I think I’ll probably make a habit of this in future – sometimes there are really incredible mornings where you’d like to see the place come alive in the light… MT

*Be sure to check local regulations first: in Switzerland, for example, no-fly zones within a certain distance of an airport are marked as are restricted zones with height ceilings. There are also weight category restrictions. Sweden requires a permit full stop.

These images were shot with a DJI Mavic Pro and post processed with Photoshop Workflow III and the Weekly Workflow.

DJI_0022 copy

DJI_0037 copy

DJI_0041 copy

DJI_0043 copy

DJI_0062 copy

DJI_0061 copy

DJI_0053 copy

DJI_0051 copy

DJI_0057 copy

DJI_0059 copy

DJI_0050 copy

DJI_0067 copy

DJI_0058 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Dear Ming, I second Wolfram Z’s comments – as always beautiful shots! Inspired by this and my initial attempts with a Mavic, I am now considering the purchase of a DJI M600 and a Ronin gimbal to shot high res aerials. However, I am not sure what cameras are supported and the DJI support wasn’t very helpful. I assume that the live view of your H6D is transferred by the DJI Lightbridge module via HDMI. Does this mean that any camera with an HDMI out could work in principle? But how is the shutter triggered? Via the DJI Remote Start/Stop? According to the manual there are connecting cables available for Canon, Sony, Hasselblad but not for Nikon (I would love to use my 810, and later maybe the 850).
    On your Hasselblad rig can you also control aperture, ISO etc once airborne?
    Sorry for all these questions and I hope you can help as I cannot find these answers anywhere online or by talking to DJI support…

  2. As always: real nice shots – where in my home country did you take these?
    And may I ask what software/smartphone was used (ios/Android)? I’m thinking about buying a Mavic; there’s rumor DJI’s own GO4 app is very unstable… and even secretely transmits data to their chinese servers?!

    • Zurich and around Angelholm. Can’t honestly say re. software – stability seems fine for me, but if they’re transmitting anything I don’t think they’d tell me…

  3. Ming, is it possible to fly X1D with DJI matrice? Great shots by the way.

  4. You need no permission to fly over Zurich City.

  5. Cool! I especially like #1 (road through yellow field of flowers) and #10 (flowing wedge shaped buildings). Congratulations!

  6. Promenades and avenues
    Europe endless
    Real life and postcard views
    Europe endless

  7. Another dimension…. wow!!
    I like the geometry of it!

  8. The patterns you’re finding from up above are fantastic Ming. I’m starting to feel that to stay relevant as a landscape/travel photographer, a drone is almost necessary. Drone shots are becoming more and more common but you make it pretty clear that there are still an unlimited number of patterns and perspectives to explore. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jorge Balarin says:

    This last summer in Vienna, two guys sent a drone to film the people that was taking sun on a nudist beach (a river beach). The drone collided with a tree and fell down in the nudist area, and the owners were so dumb that they tried to recover it and finished arrested by the police : )

  10. Jorge Balarin says:

    Fantastic shots !

  11. Hello Ming,
    Nice shots! Did you need a permission for the shots over Zürich. Asking for a friend… 😉

  12. Alex Carnes says:

    Very nice, I preferred this set to the last one you shared.

    I’m still not entirely sure about the artistic merits of this kind of photography; sometimes they can look a bit like something off a spy satellite; but they can be appealing! 🙂

  13. wow, what stunning shots

  14. amazing… I’d always snubbed a drone but these show more creative opportunities than the norm – lovely shots… you don’t send your Hasselblad up do you Ming?!!! I’m always looking for high vantage points, towers of churches, the keeps of castles, etc., but the field of rape is limited to a drone for sure!
    Is it all expensive to do this?

  15. So you had a permission to fly over all these villages and cities?

  16. Beau travail ! 👍

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