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PS weekly review

Given the popularity of the photoshop and postprocessing videos, and the continual feedback for more of the same – I’ve decided to try an experiment for 2016. Every week, with the first instalment available on 3 Jan 2016, I’ll be putting out a new video. The concept is simple: it’s a classroom where submitted images are critiqued and postprocessed and subscriber questions answered. This is the closest I can get to a providing a consistent learning environment for a large audience.

  • Subscribers can submit images of their own; I will try to critique all of them
  • We select the most interesting to post process in ACR/photoshop using workflow II, with a discussion of the rationale behind it
  • Any subscriber questions are answered
  • In addition, I postprocess images of my own so you can see the complete workflow from capture and conception to completion – to see how the complete ‘idea’ comes together (i.e. capture with previsualized output)

Each weekly video will run for ~1h15min.

I also want to be transparent about my personal rationale behind offering this. In 2016, I want to spend more time pursuing writing and personal art projects, which means having to rebalance income. Furthermore, this site takes up a massive amount of time – and you’ll notice it isn’t supported by advertising or sponsorships. However, I figure if I can find 50-60 subscribers, I can free up a significant chunk of time towards that goal – and in the process, offer something of unique value to the photographic community. In the end, that means better content for the readers and improvement in your own images – sounds like a win-win all around. Thank you in advance for your patronage.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week, beginning 3 Jan, there will be a new video available. Links are valid for one month from the video release date.
  2. In the video, we cover three sections: critique of subscriber submissions, ACR treatment and Q&A from the week; optimal PS treatment of subscriber submissions to best highlight the subject and hold viewer attention, and processing of MT’s work.
  3. I will post process those images to completion in ACR/Photoshop. (In the interests of efficiency, we won’t be covering PS basics – that’s already been covered here and here.) 
  4. It will be like peeking over my shoulder with commentary as I post process – I do hundreds of files a week as it is, so you will get a ‘peek inside the machine’ as it were.
  5. Subscribers can send me a download link with a raw file each week – I will pick the most interesting images to work on, both content-wise and from a postprocessing standpoint
  6. Subscribers may also submit questions with that file – I’ll again attempt to address the most interesting of these
  7. Videos average 1h15m-1h30m in length, and available to download for that week until the next video is ready. I will follow a 7 day cycle (or as close to it as I can manage)
  8. Subscription is just $9 per week, and you may choose to cancel at any time. Full refunds will of course be given for the week if I am unable to produce a video that week. The signup process is manual on the back end, so please excuse any delays in responding – though I will get back to you in under a day.

Today’s photographic tools are incredibly powerful – but ultimately, still bound by the skills of the user. For the price of a coffee or two, you can learn to consistently maximise the potential of your images by getting regular feedback and then unlocking the power of postprocessing – and do it in an efficient way that leaves you more time to shoot. What’s not to like? MT

You can subscribe to MT’s Weekly PS Workflow here.


Feedback and testimonials so far:

Christian Guirguis: Thank you, Ming, for the wonderful series. I’ve benefited more from this series than I have from any investment I’ve made into my photography. I feel that I’ve absorbed as much as I can about post processing over the last year.

Chris Valas: I calibrated my camera, using a color card from a paint store.  I was skeptical, but desperate to fix the weird colors I was getting from workflow III without it.  I figured I could just delete it if it didn’t work. Turned out much better, as you said it would.  Workflow III is a gem. Finally, thank you once again.  My work has grown by leaps and bounds.  I’ve never produced more and better stuff than I am now.  The level of control is insane. But here’s the thing – it’s the weekly videos that really made the difference.  Example after example, detail after detail, hundreds of small solutions to hundreds of small problems. That cannot be captured in a two hour video.  It takes image after image to cover that much ground.

Björn Carlén: I really enjoy following your weekly PS workflow! It’s very efficient teaching and learning – very well spent time and money, the way I see it. Thank you!

Chris Valas: I remember a couple of years ago when you were contemplating how to move forward.  I thought at the time (and think I commented on the blog) that training and education would resonate, at least with me. And they have.  The videos have absolutely transformed my photography.  When I have the money I’m going to try to make it to one of the city visits. Thank you for your vision, your effort, and your results.

Ryan Kimball: Just received and viewed my first episodes last night. Definitely worth the price of admission. I like that there is no needless chatter or product plugging, you dive right in and its pretty much nonstop solid content throughout the video. I also really enjoy your commentary as you edit covering composition, why certain things work and why you are making the adjustments you do. I learned a lot and am very much looking forward to future installments. I am also amazed at how efficiently you work through the images, if your workflow is a Ferrari by comparison mine is an 18 wheeler with 16 flat tires! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Al Figuccio: I am very pleased so far with the photoshop sessions. Although I reviewed all of session 2 and part of session 3, I can already see the value of the sessions. You employ a mentoring style rather than a simple tutorial. I am able to see you as master photographer sharing your thought process and rationale for the processing steps you take. I do not have questions as yet since I am able to see your photoshop screen and figure out the answers to questions as they arise, albeit I pause the video and study some steps in detail. I have already reworked two of my photo files which I had thought were good and complete but I was able to improve them using some of what I’ve already learned. This is good and I look forward to upcoming sessions.

Johannes Weigl: Thank you for your fabulous videos and inspiring articles. What I like most about your work? The pictures are so natural (in contrast to the majority of other work you can find on the net), but so compelling perfect with respect to light rendition and composition. You have sent me on a long journey 🙂

Pieter van der Velden: Quick feedback on the first instalment of the PS Workflow tutorial: absolutely great! I really like to concept and your explanations are excellent – as I have also seen in your other tutorials. Already looking forward to the next PS video this week! Hope many more episodes will follow.

BJ Thompson: Thanks so much for these videos. I’m relatively new to photography as a serious hobby, so I’ve enjoyed watching you walk through the photos and discuss your approach. My goal this year is to push myself to share more photos (as evidenced by my sparse Flickr). I’ve been happily firing away, but by limiting my output I think I’m missing out on (or fearfully avoiding) critiques and criticism that will help me improve.

Raoul Diez: Oh my. I’m so grateful and humbled when I found out that you worked on my submission file, the Yosemite. A totally different result using your approach and needless to say that I’m honored to have you worked on it, not only one version but the unexpected “Black and White” which is great! I’ll be filling my glass with so much fun and learning in the weeks to follow.

Gerner Christensen: This is excellent education Ming. I keep finding hints and tips each time I watch you process photos. The artistic value of your PS work for the final presentation of the image cannot be overrated, it’s worth gold to me.

Todd Lawton: Enjoyed it very much… as did my non-photography-obsessive girlfriend, who began passively watching bits over my shoulder and ended up quite hooked, hehe. That’s got to be a good sign! 😎

Tilmann Regula: This is a very interesting course for me, as I expected, because of being able to exchange image ideas via different developing approaches, sort of dialogue…I am very happy with your weekly PS video idea, and I am looking forward to the next one 🙂

Ian Marsh: I’ve just watched the first set of videos and they were well worth the (very short) wait.  Many thanks for this training.  

Caleb Clapp: Ming, received and watched your 1st installment. Here’s my review: Best $8 I ever spent on photography!! Looking forward to next week’s. Thanks!

Tarmo Aura: …for the price it’s a steal. The format obviously works very well for PS tutorials and the video gives a lot of additional insight into shooting good photos, especially the subscriber images that don’t always contain the necessary elements. I found it very useful to contrast them with MT’s photos that always meet certain criteria (whether or not you subjectively like each one).

Richard Ang: +1 from me. Excellent format. I’ll hopefully submit some images in soon too.

Guido Gloor: …for me, this weekly installment allows me to mix-and-match the things I see and like about your workflow with the few things I was able to pick up from the workflows of others through books, articles and indeed, very rarely even videos 😛 Either way, I’m really looking forward to the next weeks. Great quality indeed, and the personal touch of the “looking over your shoulder” approach really makes this something special.

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