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We’re pleased to offer a new video in time for your holiday season viewing and vacations: T1: Travel Photography!

Shot on on location in Prague, T1: Travel Photography focuses on making the most of your trip photographically – and how to come home with unique images that represent what you saw and experienced. It covers everything from pre-trip planning to post-trip workflow, camera maintenance, field tips and everything in between. The location city is both beautiful yet widely seen and visited, making getting something different an interesting challenge. Join us in this video for a unique blend of philosophy, technique and composition/seeing.

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Runtime, 2h26m, 1080P HD. Click to buy

The video is available as a standalone for $63 at the teaching store here, or as a discounted bundle together with related topic videos:
– How To See Ep. 1-4 videos (Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Penang, Melbourne);
– Fundamentals, Making Outstanding Images Ep. 1-5;
– Street Photography, How To See Ep.2: Tokyo.

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Todd Lawton (T1 Travel Photography): Finished watching it yesterday, though as usual it’s dense enough to require a second viewing! Beautifully shot as always 🙂

The blend of HTS, philosophy and general photographic tips worked well – obviously that format has broader appeal than previous videos, but it also serves to make the shooting portions less intense and more easily digestible.  
For what it’s worth, my girlfriend and I were both extremely impressed with the core values you were imparting, specifically respect for others and the importance of experiencing life rather than mindlessly photographing it – this is so important, yet so rarely discussed (I’ve certainly never encountered it in any other tutorial video!). At the same time, seemingly trivial things like packing and cleaning gear in the field have long been on my list of things to ask you about – you can Google stuff like that, but nothing beats wisdom accrued through experience.  Going to recap before I get back to you on the central issue of making unique images, but I’ll close by saying that these videos remain unique in their blend of features – it’s genuinely exciting to find a source of information that focuses on the artistic and philosophical sides of photography. And rather than being purely instructive, the way you teach sheds a light on my own processes and encourages me to develop my own approach. Great stuff. Keep ’em coming! 

Mischa Pischagin (T1 Travel Photography): This is definitely the most beautiful video of yours from what I’ve seen. And I’ve seen almost all of them. Great job!🙂


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  1. I guess we are ignoring Leica M10…..

    • Well, if somebody is going to send me one and pay for the time to review it, I won’t ignore it. I have no use or justification for one at that price and Leica’s (poor) historical reliability level, not to mention the attitude of local distribution in my part of the world.

      • Oh yes, they are terrible. Awful lenses, and no fun to shoot, and nobody uses them. Why would I think you might have thoughts on the subject? Well, I see you do. As a Hassie representative, I guess. I used to enjoy your reviews of various equipment. I still very much enjoy your photography, Leica bashing aside.

        • There was no Leica bashing in my reply, and you forget the fact that I’ve bought two M8s, one M9-P, one Q, a dozen lenses in the past – never mind almost all of them having mechanical or electronic issues. I was merely stating facts: An M10 and even one lens would cost thousands of dollars. I don’t need it, nor am I interested in it, nor do I have the money to spare. My work with Hasselblad is non-exclusive (which I’ve also clearly stated in the past) and I own and use equipment from a lot of other brands. Hasselblad doesn’t even make a competing product to the M!

          • I’m sorry your cameras broke, and you had bad service. All of my Sonys broke, I had terrible service, and the one I use now needed a $400 mod just to shoot nice lenses properly. I’m still interested in Sony cameras. My M9 has over 250k frames in every condition. It did go thru a shutter, and I wish the repair would have been faster. At least they will repair it, and replace my sensor to if it needs it—that for free in a camera I bought second hand, years ago. Your Hassie may break tommorrow–I hope not.

            The M10 considering materials and production numbers probably has a lower margin than Sony A7rii. You seem to be a very successful photographer. Sure, Leica won’t pay you to test cameras–though you have gained fame with reviews in the past–which can’t hurt the business. Well, fair enough. It’s true, you don’t owe anyone your take on the M10. Claiming you have no interest while expressing such hard feelings is a bit rich, though 🙂

            No hard feelings from me though. I appreciate your taking the time to answer, and also your great blog.

  2. Fernando Cueva says:

    Hello, Ming.
    I have found this information in Om Malik website about Hasselblad being taken over by a drone manufacturer:

    • That’s a repost of the rumours that Luminous Landscape first circulated. I don’t have any more information than the next person; ambassadors aren’t involved in management or running of the company. But I fail to see how external investment is a bad thing; it happens all the time in every other industry and business just proceeds as usual.

  3. Peter Smith says:

    I ordered this several hours ago to share with some guests during a very rainy afternoon here in Bermuda. However, the guests have gone, the rain has ended, and I still have no damn video. Unfortunately, the opportunity for which I ordered it has come and gone. Don’t really need it anymore. So if you can do this, please halt the order and refund the Paypal payment.
    Peter Smith

    • Peter, my apologies but the reason you didn’t get your download is because your email server has rejected every single one of the messages we attempted to send you – including the emails I’ve tried to reply to. Apparently I must be on some spam list or the keywords ‘video’ and ‘download’ aren’t allowable. This all happened 4-5am my time, and as much as I try to provide continuous customer service, it’s not physically possible all the time…

      Hopefully the last email will have gone through.

      Edit: it appears every email has been rejected, regardless of the combination of words used – there’s just no way to send your download details. I’ve refunded your purchase.

  4. Excellent 👍
    I Love Prague it is my home town

  5. Does your video include the post processing of Gamma L-log files?

  6. This is definitely the most beautiful video of yours from what I’ve seen. And I’ve seen almost all of them. Great job! 🙂

  7. I cannot wait….we are going to Prague next September….actually many places over there.

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