Four years, and an anniversary sale (UPDATE: all gone!)

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UPDATE: We’re nearly out of vouchers for the anniversary sale – there are a few more coupons left, so if you would like to take advantage of the birthday sale, now’s the time 🙂 The offer ends once we hit the magic number… All gone now – thank you for your support!

It’s the fourth anniversary of, and I’d like to say a big thank you to my readers and supporters. May we continue for at least another year…

In the interests of the site’s original goal of furthering photographic education – which I think I’ve made inroads into with the 1,150 articles published here – we’re offering a special sale on the core six-vide Making Outstanding Images video series (D: Fundamentals, Ep. 1-5). The normal price for the set is $412; it is now 40% off at $247. Just add the D, E1-5 videos to your cart and use the voucher code 40OFF4YEARS at checkout; there are a small and limited number of vouchers. Proceeds go towards a) educating you photographically; b) keeping the site running and c) making more videos. Please note that this offer is a standalone and not valid with other video bundles.

Thanks for your support! MT


  1. Kelvin Ong says:

    Congrates Ming Thein for your achievement. I am lucky to get my copies before the promotion ended. Great videos!

  2. Chris Huff says:

    Bought the video package and so glad I did – and I’m only 50 minutes through the Fundamentals video.

  3. Congrats Ming on the four years.
    Following you since the beginning. This year my objective is to develop my skill versus giving in to GAS.
    I just ordered your anniversary sale, perfect timing.
    Thanks again!


  4. Chiawei says:

    Hey that’s awesome Ming! What would you recommend me to get as an amateur photographer with a limited budget (about RM1k)? I have a bit of experience in everything. Your D, E1-E5 series or the Photoshop A,A2,C,M series?

  5. congratulations Ming…a great milestone. Regarding video, what are you shooting video with these days after The Switch? cheers, Paul

  6. Wayne S says:

    Congrats and thanks Ming for all your hard work you have put into your site for these last 4 years! Looking forward to another great year.

  7. Dear Ming,

    do I see on your store page an upcoming video on film scanning? I shoot a lot of film and will be very interested in this one.

    • We’re trying to figure out a way to make it make sense: it’s heavily dependent on the way you develop and digitise, so there isn’t a one-size fits all. If I can’t distill it down to a general set of rules, it may not make sense.

      • I see your point but on the other hand, people who shoot film, and develop and digitise by themselves have already some knowledge (if only because the process is error-prone which, as everyone knows, is a great way to learn, besides being fun), so I think your target audience would be happy to learn about your techniques and adapt it to their own processes. That’s how I would approach it as long as you are not talking about drum scanners. If you make it too general, may be we won’t learn that much.

        • True. But it’s still of limited use because I focus on optimizing my results with one film and developer. Producing these videos isn’t cheap and honestly given the likely market, I just don’t think it makes business sense.

  8. Congrats on four years!! Looking forward to many more 🙂

  9. Congratulations Ming! What a ride it’s been! I think you’ve had more positive impact on more people than you might suspect.

  10. Thanks Ming,

    I have been thinking about purchasing the videos for such a long time and so often could not get myself to choosing them over new gear – Ah, the weakness! Now I have finally pulled the trigger and (impatiently awaiting the download) I am really looking forward to (hopefully) bringing my output to the next level.

    Thanks also for all the great writing day in and day out, your site is a gift that keeps on giving.
    On the next 4 year and beyond!

    Best regards from Munich,

  11. Kenny Younger says:

    Congrats on the milestone, Ming!

    I’m also very much looking forward to these. Thanks for the discount.

  12. Congratulations, Ming! I have benefited tremendously from your site and from your videos and hugely appreciate all the work you put into them. I can’t thank you enough.

  13. Rich Southgate says:

    Many congratulations Ming. Thanks for all the informative and inspirational work. Here’s to the next four years and many more.

    Best wishes,


  14. Darn, I already bought E4 and E5 in another bundle 😦

    • Same with me! Ming, you don’t think about offering those people the discount on single OE episodes 🙂 ? I’d love to buy E1-E3.

      • Well, I’d really like people to go back to the fundamentals of photography and focus on the picture taking again: D, E1-5 is basically what I used to teach in the 3-4 day Making Outstanding Images workshop 🙂

        • Ming I have sessions 4,5 but need to fill in some gaps with E1-3. I am doing your weekly Photoshop and would greatly appreciate the discount on just 3 of the videos. In Canada our dollar is down 30%.
          Thanks. ROL

          • Sorry Elaine, it isn’t a blanket sale. This was the deal negotiated with the production house…I have to revenue share with them in order to avoid having to pay the cost of producing these things out of my own pocket upfront.

  15. Kristian Wannebo says:

    Thank YOU!
    It’s certainly been very interesting years, about 3 1/4 for me.
    Wishing you a Happy New!
    – and Happy Photography!

  16. Congratulations for your anniversary! Your site is gold, loads of usefull information on the whole topic. Thank you very much for sharing.
    I hope you will be able to go on with it in the future. 🙂
    (And I really like your reviews! 😉 )

  17. Big congrats Ming. I can’t believe you have gathered so much precious knowledge here in “only” 4 years !!! But a heartfelt thank you very much for all the inspiration and education.

  18. Congratulations on 4 Years Ming!

    For anyone considering the videos they are wonderful. I have learned so much from them. – Eric

  19. Great timing. I had been wanting to buy some of your videos before! Thanks a lot!

  20. Wow time flies… Congrats Ming for all your achievements thus far. And thanks for continuing to share with us. Long may it continue!

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