4th anniversary sweepstakes at B&H: win a $500 gift card

I’ve got one last bonus today thanks to the folks at B&H: a competition exclusive to readers of my site only. It’s simple: hit the referral link here (which will take you to the main landing page with your origin site logged), or in the sidebar on the right, spend $1000 on anything at all, and be automatically entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 gift card from B&H (see Terms & Conditions for details)”

The competition closes on 1st May. Good luck! MT

Sweepstakes rules apply…


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  1. That’s a nice gesture of them. Too bad I can’t afford for the entry just yet.

    P/S: Are you eligible for the entry itself?

  2. Why are you supporting a retailer that treats it workers in a horrible way? No women, blacks or Asians need apply, Hispanics must use a segregated bathroom. And none in management. Serious discrimination lawsuit filed by the government.

    • I was not aware of this situation until you pointed it out. I come from a country that’s had the same party in power since independence. Where there’s affirmative action discrimination for the majority. Where quotas are set aside for certain races. Where you’ve got to give kickbacks and bribes to get even photography jobs.

      I’m not part of any of that. Yet somehow we survive and do just fine because we have no choice but to fight and make the best decisions for ourselves, and ultimately nobody is going to do it for you. When I agreed to the competition, I simply thought if they’re willing to sponsor a prize for my readers, then I do it for you guys because I don’t get anything out of it…and participation is voluntary.

      • as a photographer who has used their store in the past i feel obligated to keep tabs on this story at the very least:

        imo this is nothing to quickly dismiss.

    • Ben Wong says:

      I don’t work for B&H and I rarely buy stuff from them. Having said that, do you have first hand experience of discrimination? This well known photographer (at least on the Internet) doesn’t think so – http://www.ronmartblog.com/2016/03/government-claims-against-b-seem.html

    • I’d take the recent reports (and the government lawsuit) regarding conditions at B&H with a grain of salt.

      Having been in the retail store multiple times, I’ve certainly seen plenty of women, blacks, etc. working there. I can’t speak for the warehouses, which seem to have been the focus of accusations over the past several months.

      However, with respect to the warehouses, be aware in the last several months since accusations have started to appear, unions have apparently been aggressively trying to move in to organize/represent the workers. Many of the comments I’ve seen reported in the press have come from union related personnel, who definitely have a vested interest in making conditions appear as negative as possible.

      B&H has a pretty clear statement on it’s website that, among other things, the segregated bathroom accusation is absolutely not true, and that many of the allegations are made by people that have never set foot in a B&H facility. And there are pictures elsewhere of the Navy Yard warehouse that show a pretty clean and well maintained location.

      As is usually the case, the truth of the situation probably lies somewhere in the middle, and no doubt we’ll learn more as time goes by.

  3. Oh my… and I was going to ask you if there was a way I could purchase the Pentax K-1 through one of your affiliate links… perfect and timely, Ming. 🙂

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