Photoessay: New car time

I don’t normally shoot cars – I leave that to my good friend Darren Chang – but my wife recently got herself a new ride. Since I photograph everything that moves or doesn’t move as a matter of habit and for practice, I couldn’t help myself. The 6R Volkswagen Polo GTI is one of the best bang for the buck cars you can find here – 185bhp from a 1.4 turbocharged and supercharged four; it gets to 100km/h in the mid-six second range, and has a great growly exhaust note. Also, it’s a lot of fun. MT

This series shot with an Olympus E-PM1 Pen Mini and 14-42 kit lens.

_PM07912 copy

_PM07976 copy

_PM07919 copy

_PM07889 copy

_PM07960 copy

_PM07961 copy

_PM07903 copy


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  1. Ming, congratulation for the new car, enjoy the ride !

  2. Eric Pang says:

    simply loved VW especially GTI!! awesome pix to go with an awesome car

  3. Lovely pictures. You might just get some hefty discount from Volkswagen just for these 🙂

  4. Ming, you’re supposed to be on vacation! 🙂

    Having said that, those are some nice pictures of a nice car. The Golf GTI is on my wish list, but cars here in Denmark gets a tax of 180% on top of the price from the factory 😦
    So a new Golf GTi would cost me around 70.000 US dollars here in Denmark

  5. Really a nice looking car.

  6. I have the 2010 version here in the US. Still love it like the first day. I love VWs and Audis.

  7. I’ve been enjoying your work. Thanks for sharing your spouse’s new ride!!!!

  8. Nice. I hv a Polo GTI but your pics make it look even better. Great job.

  9. Boom! Bang! Boom! I like the tires when they are absoluteley new… they shine! Perhaps the dealers help out a bit with something we don´t know exactly. New cars and the tires espatially are looking so cool! I was at the presentation of the new Porsche 911 in November 2011 in Bonn /Germany. About 100 grown up custumers, most of them in their 50´s or 60´s are becoming completely like little boys…

    • I think it’s because the surface hasn’t been micro-pitted by road bits/ dirt/ gravel, plus the dealers put some sort of rubber protector on it with the delivery detailing…

  10. German Engineering, like Leica ………


  11. That’s an exciting VW, simple and efficient!
    Also liked the images!

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