Photoessay: Opening night at the World Gourmet Summit 2012

From the opening night party of the World Gourmet Summit 2012, held at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. Non stop eating, drinking and general merriment…and one Charlie Chaplain impersonator who grabbed my camera and pointed it at himself. Shooting and eating standing up simultaneously was tough! MT

This series was shot with a Leica M9-P, 35/1.4 ASPH FLE and 50/0.95 ASPH.

_M9P1_L1014993 copy

_M9P1_L1014874 copy

_M9P1_L1014937 copy

_M9P1_L1014866 copy

_M9P1_L1014984 copy

_M9P1_L1014927 copy

_M9P1_L1014877 copy

_M9P1_L1014924 copy

_M9P1_L1014996 copy

_M9P1_L1014980 copy


  1. Fishnose says:

    Oh, the colors!

  2. really beautiful shots. That Leica and 35 1.4 really is incredible

  3. Some nice shots, though I’d hesitate to call it a photo essay, since it doesn’t really tell the story. I’d drop a few of the weaker shots and put in a wide establishing shot of some kind, and a detail shot or two.

    Overall, this is a great blog. Keep up the good work!

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