Singapore reader meetup this Friday – 6 July – last call!

I’ll be in Singapore this Friday, 6th July for some meetings – if you’d like to attend the reader meetup lunch, from 1-3pm – probably around the Orchard area but TBC (will definitely be somewhere in town) – please leave a comment below with your email address, and I’ll send out the details in the next day or so. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all there! MT


  1. MT,
    Should be able to make coffee/tea at your mentioned time. Let me know where, my email – christopher.y.h.chong @ See ya.

  2. Unfortunately I need to work. T.T

  3. i’m there and will email you my email address so you have it in one place… but will have to leave earlier .. (can’t normally have lunch till 3pm on a workday!) πŸ™‚

  4. woonsj (at)

  5. Hi MT, I’m an avid reader and a foreigner here in SG but I’m not sure what to expect on these meet-ups. I’m interested to join but quite nervous. Thanks.

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