Photoessay: Bruno Menard at Forlino

I was in Singapore recently to run a few food photography 101 sessions under Leica at the World Gourmet Summit. One of the perks of the job was getting to enjoy the samples. In this case, by 3* Michelin chef Bruno Menard, who formerly ran L’Osier in Tokyo – widely thought to be the best restaurant in Japan at the time. I ran a very basic setup for the participants with a couple of small LED video lights, a Leica D-Lux 5 compact and some modified settings (optimized for food work); I shot tethered and showed the results instantly on a HDTV via HDMI out. There was a little PS work done to the images afterwards (i.e. for this set) but for the most part, the D-Lux 5 makes a surprisingly excellent little food camera – especially when there’s enough light around. MT

Images shot with a Leica D-Lux 5.

_DL5T_L1000636 copy

_DL5T_L1000651 copy

_DL5T_L1000646 copy

_DL5T_L1000655 copy

_DL5T_L1000648 copy

_DL5T_L1000654 copy

_DL5T_L1000644 copy

_DL5T_L1000660 copy


  1. Hi Ming, when you say tethered, do you mean via HDMI to the TV? Or did you find a way to tether the D-lux5 to the computer?

  2. Love good food and photos. Were these hand held or on a tripod?

  3. I expeced the pics to be from an S2! Very well done.

    • Heh – a Leica, but guess again! I was also teaching a food photography class at that session – we used D-Lux 5s for the ease of participant use. I was using exactly the same setup as them, down to lights and camera settings.

  4. bspooner says:

    Great set Ming. I love food and I love my DL-5.

  5. enjoywithjoy says:

    Wow the pictures are very intense, it’s like popping out almost like 3D…nice!!!

  6. And now I am hungry… Great shots Ming

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