Photoessay: A study of wave action

Some experiments into how the same subject can be simultaneously not the same. A bit of contemplative photography while on vacation. Or perhaps I just like water and waves for the same reasons I like clouds. Sometimes, we don’t need to think too much about it – just shoot. I need to go on holiday more often; but then again, don’t we all? MT

This series shot with an Olympus E-PM1 Pen Mini at Tanjung Jara, on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia.

_PM08131 copy

_PM08126 copy

_PM08124 copy

_PM08116bw copy

_PM08094 copy

_PM08088 copy

_PM08128bw copy


  1. How did you protect your camera from the water? Or were you just careful not to drop it?

    • Just very careful not to drop it. I also used the cheapest camera I had, in case it had an accident…I certainly would not have attempted this series with, say, an M9.

  2. I also like clouds and the sky. Tons of photos!

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