Photoessay: The Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge – or Karlov Most in Czech – is one of Prague’s great landmarks. Spanning the River Vltava, it was constructed in the 14th century to connect Prague Castle with the old town. Until 1841, it was the only way to get from one side of the city to the other. It is a majestic 510m long, supported by sixteen stone arches and guarded by two towers on either side. The bridge has borne witness to both countless historical events and natural disasters; being severely damaged during several of these and most recently repaired following major floods in 2002. The span itself is decorated by numerous statues, under whose auspices various tradespeople ply their wares during the day.

From a photographic point of view, it’s an interesting place to observe life – both locals and tourists – and a picturesque backdrop to practice street photography or photojournalism, or even a little architecture if the fancy takes you. MT

This series shot with a Leica M9-P, 28/2.8 ASPH, 50/1.4 ASPH and Olympus E-PM1 Pen Mini and 45/1.8 ZD lenses.

_M9P1_L1005751 copy

_M9P1_L1007318 copy

_M9P1_L1005986 copy

_M9P1_L1005109 copy

_PM05215 copy
Not technically of the bridge, but you can see its lookout towers in the background.

_M9P1_L1005101 copy

_M9P1_L1005072 copy


  1. Ming,

    The pictiures are stunning. What a beautiful place. It makes me want to visit there. – Eric

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