POTD x3: The kind of sequence that kills cameras, and a quick reminder

_PM08307 copy

_PM08309 copy

_PM08310 copy

The kind of sequence that kills a camera: or, advancing waves at 14mm. Olympus E-PM1 Pen Mini, 14-42 kit lens.

Let’s just say there was a reason I was using this and not, say, an M9. Also, I was moving out of the way rather quickly!

I’ve been experimenting with sequences/ sets a bit lately; it’s something that I thought might be interesting to build off the contact sheet idea – any not make the contact sheet and thinking process part of the desired end output? But then I suppose it would require us to think about the individual frames in the context of their own contact sheet, which would be rather meta and confusing…or perhaps the right way to approach this would be thinking of the sequence in itself, much like a video clip – except we just capture key frames. I have a sneaky feeling that pursuing this path of development will eventually lead me back into experimenting with cinematography again (which will be the subject of a future article).

A quick reminder: My Singapore reader meet up will happen tonight, at 7pm, outside Ion Orchard near the red floor installation and the ‘bubble’ MRT entrance. You’ll find me because of the M9-P hanging around my neck, and I’ll be wearing a red t-shirt. (For some odd inexplicable reason, this is beginning to feel like a blind internet date. Oh well, at least we know we all have one thing in common!) We’ll wander around from there and find something to eat. Looking forward to meeting you all! MT


  1. Ciao, really like these shots, perfect! Lynne

    • I think there’s not enough difference between the frames. Sometimes motor drives can be too fast…you need to match the interval to key changes in action. The shots should look like they run on, but clearly aren’t the same.

  2. Nice one Ming. I can relate with sequences and some of my personal favorite images are sequential images of my kids as it tells a better story. I’m not really into video although I love editing and post-processing other people’s video clips. If ever you come to Manila, Philippines, give us a holler.

  3. What was the name of that famous street photographer who shot sequences?

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