Photoessay: The urban scenery of Auckland, New Zealand

Some urban scenery captured during downtime on another work assignment at the end of 2010 – often, this is all the time I get to shoot personal work. It’s a rather pleasant city by the bay that’s really quite nice when the sun is out – when the sun isn’t out and it’s cold and windy, it’s downright miserable. Especially when you find out everything closes by 5.30pm and there’s precious little in the way of dinner options. It’s also a popular cruise ship destination/ stopover en route to the outer Pacific islands or Hawaii. MT

Series shot with a mishmash of equipment – Apple iPhone 4, Nikon D700, AFS 28-300/3.5-5.6 VR and Sony NEX-5 and 18-55 kit lens.

_N5_DSC1804bw copy
Bonus points to anybody who can tell me which shot this is in homage to.

IMG_0838b copy

_N5_DSC1920 copy

_N5_DSC1812 copy

_N5_DSC1933 copy

_N5_DSC1795 copy

_N5_DSC1864 copy
You could be in California.

_N5_DSC1861 copy
The America’s cup legacy is everywhere.

_N5_DSC1811 copy

_7018761 copy
The taxi driver I had on the return trip to the airport told me he just bought a new SUV to tow his 50ft yacht. I ran out of words, thinking solely that I was both in the wrong job, and living in the wrong country.

_N5_DSC1826 copy

_N5_DSC1821 copy

IMG_0682b copy


  1. Hi Ming,
    if I’m not mistaken, the first picture is in homage of a picture by Czech photographer Josef Koudelka taken in Prague in1968.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi MingThein !
    I live in Nelson, New Zealand in the north of the South island. It’s called the Cรดte dโ€™Azur of New Zealand. I studied photo design and have worked as a photographer for 20+ years in Germany. And I really like your blog and your point of view. โ€“ If you are still interested in landscape work you could use our house as a base camp, we have one spare room. Even better if you could make those guys being interested:
    We could do the ‘work’ together also. I have sold most of my studio equipment, but the 8kg Gitzo is already here ๐Ÿ™‚
    What do you think … ?

  3. I am so impressed with the images. It’s all great! New Zealand is such a beautiful place. I am planning to visit there one day to take photos.

    • Thanks! I’m planning to go back; there’s plenty of natural beauty there that’s just crying out for some serious landscape work. Alas, no time!

  4. philip o says:

    Its a nice city.Not too busy.The viaduct ( the area around the waterfront where you can see the powerboats and yatches of the whos who of auckland) is very ” happening ” after sundown. A short drive down the coast , along Tamaki Drive are fabulous houses with equally fabulous view.If only i was lucky enough with the lottery.

    • The only problem I found was that after 5pm everything closes…I guess having lived in Asia for the last seven years, I’m used to malls open til 10 and food 24/7…

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