The perils of lots of ideas, but not quite enough sleep

I couldn’t sleep last night (again) but as compensation I did wake up with an idea.

Put your favorite lens on your favorite camera.

Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

_VL31_L1000950 copy
Not this, but close. I have thought of this before, but it only works for macro, and not that well.

So I dug out the adaptor rings, to make another sacrilegious unholy matrimony between systems.

This guy (Zeiss ZF.2 2/28 Distagon):
_5100_DSC1424bw copy

Plus this guy (the M9-P. A lens-lens thing goes beyond wrong and into completely impractical territory.):
_7052556 copy

Yee har!

Except, there’s no RF coupling or live view.

Oops. *slaps forehead*

The very limited testing I did do (you didn’t think I’d just mount it and not try to take a picture, did you?) showed the combination definitely has promise. And f2 still requires some finesse to focus accurately on full frame, especially high resolution full frame. But there were no odd artifacts, and the lens is definitely capable of resolving more than the sensor. Curiously, I think it might even perform slightly better on the M9-P’s offset microlens-and-non-telecentric-wideangle-corner-optimized sensor than the D700’s uniform one. Too bad we’ll have to wait until Leica eventually brings live view functionality to an M body to find out.

In the meantime, I’m going to find out if Miyazaki-san of MS Optical (makers of those lens-cap triplet designs and noted lens surgeon) can make an RF-coupling, though I suspect it may be tough because the focusing ring rotates the wrong way, and the focus throw is much shorter than normal Leica M RF lenses. MT


  1. William Jusuf says:

    Ming.. about The Distagon 2/28..

    what do you think of an unholy matrimony between Nex5N and the Distagon 2/28
    I thought its gonna be quite interesting in 42 mm (coming from a GF2 and 20 mm pancake man)

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