POTD: Breguet La Tradition, part 2

_M9P1_L1012012 copy

Another take on the same watch shot a few days ago with the Nikon D700. Leica M9-P, Visoflex III, Bellows II, Zeiss ZM 2/50 Planar. And one Nikon SB700, two SB900s.

A very different view to the D700, right? The transparent trapezoid is a pallet jewel, which controls the locking and unlocking (tick and tock) of the escapement, along with transferring rotation impulses to the balance. It’s barely visible to the naked eye, and no more than a millimeter long, which makes the whole frame around 8x12mm, or about 3:1 magnification. Lighting is normally tricky, but I got lucky with this watch – it has a transparent cutout around the back precisely where the pallet fork and jewels are, which allowed me to light it from behind, with just a little fill from the front to provide definition to the gears. MT


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