Photoessay: Abstracts in metal

In an earlier photoessay, I covered some of what goes on at a shipyard; today’s coda represents the outtakes that didn’t make it into the final deliverable for the client, but I shot as part of my body of personal work. There’s just so much abstract geometry and texture going on with the interplay of parts, metals, surfaces and finishes at the yard it’s impossible to ignore; I’m pretty sure some of these would make rather interesting large prints. MT

This set was shot with a Panasonic TZ3.

P1030452b copy.jpg

P1030412b copy.jpg

P1030555b copy.jpg

P1030563bw copy.jpg

P1030573b copy.jpg

P1030593bw copy.jpg

P1030614b copy.jpg

P1030392b copy.jpg

P1030391b copy.jpg

P1030628b copy.jpg

Photoessay: The Shipbuilders

Here they build the super-tugs that maneuver and tend to offshore oil drilling rigs and production platforms. Series shot at the Jaya Shipyards in Singapore with the Panasonic TZ3 and Ricoh GR-Digital I. MT

P1030651b copy.jpg

P1030386b copy.jpg

_1002147bw copy.jpg

_1002116bw copy.jpg

P1030546bw copy.jpg

P1030402bw copy.jpg

_1002121b copy.jpg

P1030541bw copy.jpg

P1030674b copy.jpg