Tokyo Masterclass: student works

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Today’s presentation comprises photographs from Tokyo, but they’re not mine: instead, with permission from the photographers, I’m proud to present a curated set of work from my students’ portfolios at the end of the week. I leave the individuals responsible to claim credit or responsibility…but I think you’ll agree that it’s both a very diverse and accomplished set! 🙂 MT

Name links are to portfolios or flickr where applicable.

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Workshop report: The Prague Masterclass, March 2015

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At the start of March, eight enthusiastic photographers gathered in Prague for the fourth Masterclass. Four even enjoyed the previous ones enough they came back again for a second or even third round 🙂 As has become a tradition, what follows is the Masterclass Report, which is not so much a bunch of photographs of people photographing and holding cameras, but instead a showcase of the participants’ work. Read on to see the kind of images we make.

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Venice Masterclass report; Prague and Lucerne 2015 Masterclasses

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The Venice Masterclass (in late November) is now concluded, and with it the last of the workshops for 2014. As has become a tradition, here’s the report – and a selection of images and thoughts from the participants. 2015 is looking to be a busy year, and so I’d like to lock in the first sessions for the new year into my calendar. Read on for the report and for more information on the Prague and Lucerne Masterclass in early 2015.

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Workshop report and 2015 poll: Outstanding Images Chicago, Masterclass San Francisco

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As has become customary post-workshop, I’m pleased to present the report from the Chicago Making Outstanding Images Workshop and San Francisco Masterclass in early September this year. Following the previous London and Havana reports, I’d like to share some of the best images from my students instead of showing too many photographs of people photographing – I think those aren’t quite as demonstrative of what can be achieved in just a few days. Since next year’s workshop schedule is still very much open, I’m going to finish up with a poll to see where you’d like me to go next.

Finally, a spot has recently opened up for the November 24-29 Venice Masterclass due to one participant’s last minute work commitments. Please email me if you’d like to book, or for more info.

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The Havana Masterclass report

_8A11843 copy

I’m going to break from tradition a bit – rather than me show you a whole bunch of photographs of my students photographing, I think it would be better to let the results speak for themselves: instead, most of my students have graciously agreed to share a few of their images and thoughts from the recent Havana Masterclass. It should give you a fairly good idea of exactly what we do during a Masterclass…

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Amsterdam and Prague workshop report – and dates for 2014!

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The final two stops on the Making Outstanding Images workshop tour for 2013 were Amsterdam, at the end of September, and Prague, at the beginning of October. The course now lasts four days, and by all accounts, is intensive – I’m trying to make it easier, but there really is quite a bit of knowledge that has to go in 🙂 Read on to see how it went.

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