Tokyo Masterclass: student works

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Today’s presentation comprises photographs from Tokyo, but they’re not mine: instead, with permission from the photographers, I’m proud to present a curated set of work from my students’ portfolios at the end of the week. I leave the individuals responsible to claim credit or responsibility…but I think you’ll agree that it’s both a very diverse and accomplished set! 🙂 MT

Name links are to portfolios or flickr where applicable.

Pavel T




Mark S




Misha P




// H




Ken E




Jonathan J




Felix I




Caleb C





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  1. Ming it is unclear here if you cloned pictures or people, but it is clear one can truly learn your style and make great pictures 🙂

  2. Peter Wright says:

    Not trying to be a smart ass here, but did you post the “Chicago Master Class Student Work” and I missed it, or did we all get an ‘F’? 🙂

    And the Tokyo team did very well! Lots of great shots.

    • Not at all: I hadn’t posted it because I didn’t get an image from everybody in response to my request, and it wouldn’t be fair to exclude some… 🙂

  3. All really great pics worthy of display! Congrats to this class. It’s interesting that many, especially the B&W’s, have the “Ming” style to them… good students, good teacher!

  4. Congratulations to all of the students (and their teacher by extension): really nice work!

  5. Dear Ming,

    Once again, thank you. I am considering a Sony A6000 with a kit lens because I would like a zoom to go along with my Ricoh GR. I would like to know your opinion.

    • The body is fine, if a bit gadgety. The lens is going to disappoint you. I would also request that you confine equipment discussions to relevant threads please…

  6. This thing makes me crave for the Masterclass at Lisbon!

  7. Splendid collection of student photos. Congratulations to the participants for the work well done.

  8. nice work

  9. Gerner Christensen says:

    Congratulations to you all Mingions. You really knocked a hole in the ground and outputted some fantastic photos. Blessed are those Masterclasses 🙂

  10. Great images. I’m going to Tokyo in march, and I suspect the shutter button will be heavily used.

  11. Outstanding photos…well done! Ming, your Mingions paid attention in class to be sure 🙂

  12. Wow! What a rich gallery of images, so much life in them. Really shows the value of quietly padding around and just looking carefully before one even gets to cameras and photography. Very good to see.

  13. Ming, many thanks to you and the contributors for allowing us to see these images. I believe it would be a disservice to name my two favourites, this is not a competition to see who gets the most “like” votes, suffice it to say one is b/w and the other is colour!

  14. First one by Mark S is really cool….love the patchwork of elements with spatial cues being removed…really well seen and composed.

  15. Exceptional work. Very well done to all!

  16. Caesar Merlin says:

    very nice work!

  17. my favourite picks … the granny/child shot, and the the last two, that’s tokyo!
    regards, ken

  18. nice work/set from your students, sifu. a lot of budding MT’s, i see, a good thing. still in hk? have a good weekend. regards, ken

  19. Very cool. There’s a fair bit of you in there, which is neat to see…


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