POTD: One more from the window seat

_1000922b copy.jpg
Not just good for landscapes! Ricoh GR-Digital (original flavor), 2006. What you’re looking at is the shadow of the airplane projected onto a cloud; the white dot with the color halo around it is the sun. The color halo itself is caused by the same process that creates rainbows – prismatic spectral dispersion of the white light from the sun by the water droplets in the cloud. MT

POTD: Sunset clouds over the sea

_M9P1_L1013197 copy
Sunset clouds over the sea. Over Hat Yai, Gulf of Thailand. Leica M9-P, 35/1.4 ASPH FLE

POTD: Last cloud of the day

_M9P1_L1005769 copy

Sunset, Prague. Leica M9-P, 50/1.4 ASPH

My inner Magritte is trying to escape again. I love the contrast between the hard edges of the silhouetted branches and the soft roundness of the cloud in the sky; there’s also a nice compliment between the warm tones of the cloud and the coolness of the sky. If you wanted to be even more philosophical, I suppose you could say that the image is a metaphor for life or existence or the human condition or something similar – the cloud (warm, fuzzy, ephemeral, fragile, etc) against the cold, harsh, unforgiving (poky?) realities of its environment. MT