Photoessay: Catwalk fashion with a Leica M

Here’s an unusual challenge. During my ‘early Leica era’, I decided to challenge myself: I shot a catwalk fashion assignment with a Leica M8 and 35/2 ASPH, rather than my usual D3/300mm combination. How did it turn out? Different – and that was the point. The client magazine was pleased, which is what mattered. And boy, it was possibly the most difficult shoot I’d done up to that point – this being early 2009 – because of the combined challenges of extreme lighting, new and unfamiliar equipment, manual focus, and a much shorter focal length than usual. The plus side is that nobody seemed to mind too much when I was roaming in and amongst the guests; an M8 is surprisingly at home in this environment. One nasty surprise was the IR pollution issue – at this point, my UVIR filters hadn’t yet arrived, and I spent a LOT of time afterwards correcting the color. Even so, you’ll notice a higher than normal proportion of black and white images in this set. MT

Series shot with a Leica M8 and 35/2 Summicron-ASPH.

_M8_L1010697bw copy

_M8_L1011001bw copy

_M8_L1010842bw copy

_M8_L1010857 copy

_M8_L1010745bw copy

_M8_L1010802 copy

_M8_L1010775bw copy

_M8_L1010886bw copy

_M8_L1010558bw copy

_M8_L1010895bw copy