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This page will contain an archive of all of the main articles I’ve written by category and sorted with the most recent first – it seems that there are some fundamental navigational issues with WordPress that I can’t get around other than by manually updating this page with every new article. It’s a work in progress, of course…

Last update 16 January 2016

Prints, print sales and printing
New Ultraprint offer: In the round (15 Jan 2016)
The Idea of Man, a virtual exhibition (8 Nov 2015)
‘Connection’ exhibition report – and finally, a book – available to order now! (26 Jun 2015)
New Ultraprint offer: Motion at Rest, Venetian Cinematics 2 (11 May 2015)
New Ultraprint offer: Marina III (7 Apr 2015)
Survey: photographic print buying (14 Mar 2015)
The book that was not to be (or the print-on-demand conundrum) (10 Feb 2015)
Limited edition Ultraprint offer: Forest IV (2 February 2015)
Output objectives and creative development (16 Nov 2014)
Limited edition Ultraprint offer: Nob Hill (31 Oct 2014)
Ultraprints vs normal prints: visualising the difference (30 Oct 2014)
Presenting (26 Aug 2014)
Last day to order Ultraprint Edition 2: The Cars of Havana (19 Jun 2014)
Ultraprint Edition 2 sale: The Cars of Havana (20 May 2014)
Last day for Autumn in Tokyo Ultraprints (30 Mar 2014)
Transcending the process (5 Mar 2014)
Inaugural Ultraprint sale: the Autumn in Tokyo portfolio (3 Mar 2014)
Introducing the Ultraprint (27 Feb 2014)
Interview: Printmaster Wesley Wong, part two (26 Feb 2014)
Interview: Printmaster Wesley Wong, part one (25 Feb 2014)
Pushing print limits (23 Feb 2014)
One day left for ‘Only The Clouds…’ + Verticality IV prints… (30 Dec 2013)
Last (special) print run of the year (19 Dec 2013)
One day left to buy the Europe 2013 Limited prints… (15 Nov 2013)
Limited print run: Europe 2013 (2 Nov 2013)
The importance of printing, from a photographer’s standpoint (11 Jul 2013)
Last day for the print sale 25 Jun 2013)
The limited edition print run – now closed (12 Jun 2013)
Announcing a limited edition print sale – vote for your favourite images (4 Jun 2013)
A gentle reminder: the print offer ends next week! (12 May 2013)
Limited fine art print offer! (and POTD) (28 Apr 2013)2


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