Photoessay: Geometric color

_Z730938 copy

Today’s architectural mishmash is a hodgepodge of abstracted geometries and colours from a variety of locations and a variety of styles, scales and palettes; other than poor assortment jokes, the only thing they have in common is a decomposition into pure form. I admit I like the idealism, the abstraction and the inherent optimism of having a structure that appears perfect and un-messed by its occupants, even if this is completely at odds with why it was built. In another life, I was probably a magpie, a collector of shiny things…now I am merely an accumulator of abstract colours and shapes. It harms nobody. It costs nothing. Some others may derive joy from it. That’s not a bad thing, surely. MT

Shot with a variety of hardware over a period of time, some SOOC, some Workflow III.

_Z727486 copy

_Z730913 copy

_XF10265 copy

_XF10138 copy

_Z724073 copy

_Z730417 copy

_Z730357 copy

_Z730762 copy

_Z730872 copy

_Z727233 copy

_PF06612 copy

_3502994 copy

_Z730879 copy

_3503302 copy

_3503209 copy

_Z721777 copy

H61C-B0003317 copy


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  1. Derrick Pang says:

    great stuff. Love the first one…. Many are from HK!

  2. William A Giokas says:

    I think that photographers and artists have the ability to see forms and shapes differently than the average person. This is what sets up apart. Bill Cape Cod USA

  3. Kenneth G Voigt says:

    very like

  4. Wow, I really enjoyed this set, especially the stuff that places shadowed forms against lit stuff, and especially the fourth one!

    • Thanks – I always liked the confusion of dimensionality hard shadows bring…so much of photography is trying to enhance “3D-ness” when there’s a lot of visual interest to be had in removing it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    I love coming here. It’s a quiet place – a place where I can sit in peace and contemplate – admire the calm and the beauty of these photos. As I sit here, I am thinking thoughts like this – “genius” – “by the interposition of that pillar, he’s mad that office build look as though a couple of Titans grabbed the ends of it, and twisted the middle of it – instead of yet another ‘converging verticals’ shot” – “woosh – coming out of the land of the Titans, that one shot me straight up in the air!”

    No wonder you were at Oxford at such a young age!

    • Thanks – I have to admit I didn’t do so well there, probably because I wasn’t doing anything in the slightest creative…this set probably is the result of creatively ‘not caring’ more than anything else. It takes a great deal of experience – good and bad – to be able to just make images for ‘me’…

  6. Wonderful mishmash of cohesiveness! Thank you.

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