Photoessay: Humans of New York

_Z726544 copy

Few cities I’ve visited can compete with NYC on the basis of diversity…and then there’s that extra layer of intensity and motion which Tokyo and Hong Kong perhaps match, but don’t do so with the kind of density and spread of New York. It’s always amazed me that there’s such a wide variety of stages possible in a layout of grid streets – I can’t think of anywhere else that offers a hunting ground this rich for the social observer. I was only here for a week, shot infrequently, and still managed to come away with interesting images. MT

This series was shot with a Nikon Z7 and my custom JPEG picture controls, and a Fuji XF10 and Photoshop Workflow III.

_Z725893 copy

_XF10181 copy

_XF10102 copy

_XF10068 copy

_XF10185 copy

_XF10044 copy

_XF10030 copy

_XF10163 copy

_Z726149 copy

_Z726249 copy

_Z726344 copy

_Z726304 copy

_Z726435 copy

_Z726287 copy

_Z727096 copy


Prints from this series are available on request here


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  1. Michael says:

    Back to the FX10 for a moment…did that subway shot require a major massage in processing to correct color? Or did the Fuji produce all those varied skin tones (which look amazingly authentic) on its own, despite the interior lighting?

    Does the once-enjoyed-but-now-rationalized category in your gear list mean disposed of?

    • Just eyedropper WB of the raw file.

      Yes, that means disposed of. I had a colleague who really wanted it, and it’s been largely replaced by the iPhone 11 Pro (not for overall quality, but convenience for social situations).

  2. Roger Wojahn says:

    What a great portfolio Ming! You just keep getting better and better!!

  3. Matthew Leeg says:

    Some really excellent shots Ming, particularly the last four verticals. Take care

  4. Michael says:

    Masterful use of the XF10, as always. It keeps calling to me…but I’m not fool enough to think I could achieve the same results.

  5. Richard Bach says:

    Lovely shots! As someone who lives and works in NYC I can attest to the fact that the density of people is a never-ending joy to shoot. However all of those humans can be a bit less entertaining when you have to live with them all on a daily basis 🙂

    How do you find color matching between the XF10 and the Nikon system? I’ve been looking for replacement for my Coolpix A, but hated trying to match those whacky Fuji colors in the past…. I could deal with the frustrating lack of built in lens shutter if the images hold up to the rest of my shots.

    • I wonder if you ever get immune to it, actually – in the same way somebody living in an otherwise relatively exotic location gets immune to their surroundings.

      The XF10 is better than other Fujis as it uses a normal Bayer sensor 🙂

  6. Splendide !!!

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