Photoessay: Cityscape Singapore

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Another photoessay today with the benefits of multiple visits and longer curation – perhaps the start of a mini-project for me to revisit the archives with the benefit of separation and objectivity for places I’ve paid multiple visits to. The purpose would be both to curate something of a set ‘representative’ of the personality of the place – as far as that’s possible with a dynamic entity like a living city (especially in the case of somewhere that rapidly develops such as Singapore or Tokyo), as well as to see how my own personal feelings and impressions have changed over time. To some degree we might also be seeing the effect of different approaches to photography – from more casual to more formal/structured/deliberate and back again; tripods and not; preference for 28 vs longer lenses etc – it may well turn into some interesting insights into one’s own observational preferences over time…MT

Shot over a long, long period of time with a wide variety of equipment. Mostly processed with PS Workflow III.

X1D4_B9995040 copy

H51-B0011994 copy

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_PF04033 copy

_PF04244 copy

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H51-B0012378 copy

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  1. I quite like these Telephoto Cityscapes…great work

  2. Your’s is the blog I keep on coming back to for the insight and, above all, the beautiful, still quality of so much of your work. Bravo

  3. Kristian Wannebo says:

    The price we pay for wanting (or having) to live crowded in a limited space…
    At least some efforts of esthetic variation and mixtures of old and new allowed together with remnants of a (cultivated) natural environment.

    ( I’ve seen worse places, like some suburbs of Stockholm.)

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve not grown up or lived in a big city…
    On the other hand I’ve met city people feeling awkward or even a bit scared when out in nature.
    – – –

    Not to mention the esthetics of your photos!

    ( And only a *very* bold tourist official would dare to use such honest photos for promotion.

    • I do like joe ordered and harmonious things generally look there – and they don’t mind experimenting with variations. If on the other hand this kind of style isn’t executed properly, it can just come across as tacky or messy (as in Malaysia)…the devil, as always, is in the details.

  4. Brian Nicol says:

    Hi Ming, a fascinating set of images as usual. It is also a pleasure to see images that are not looking artificial and having processing drawing attention to itself and hence competing with the subject – quite ironical. I appreciate the effort that you put into your posts. There is a dearth of blogs that combine your level of artistic and technical talent so please keep up the great contribution to photography.

  5. TinyJeremy says:

    Nice content


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