Photoessay: Convergent shadows

H61C-B0001691 copy

This set is a delayed curation that I wasn’t aware existed: a year had to pass and the other curations removed for it to reveal itself. As usual, there are elements and geometries we see subconsciously that do not always make themselves known until you look; yet we find ourselves executing somewhat on autopilot and our unconscious minds extracting repeating patterns. Perhaps it was the light, perhaps it was the urban wimmelbild elements, or perhaps the combined tension created by the presence of both – very hard shadows defining solid zones within the image, offset by colourful messes outside. One parting thought: how much of a final curation is the result of the initial (and probably most strongly felt) one – plus a desire not to repeat the use of images? Food for thought…MT

This series was shot in Istanbul with a Hasselblad H6D-100c, 50, 100 and 150mm lenses, and post processed with Photoshop and LR Workflow III. Get more out of your voyages with T1: Travel Photography.

H61C-B0001665 copy

H61C-B0001679 copy

H61C-B0002298 copy

H61C-B0002228 copy

H61C-B0001958 copy

H61C-B0001721 copy

H61C-B0001717 copy

H61C-B0001688 copy

H61C-B0001687 copy


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  1. Kristian Wannebo says:

    Shadows *are* fascinating!
    As ingredients or separate…

    E.g. the intricacy in #3,
    the simplicity in #5,
    or the balance they create in #7!


  2. Ming
    An interesting set to see from you. I do wonder if I am seeing or interpreting these based on the title and introduction notes. There seems to be some independent chaos displayed by the shadows compared to your typical work. The shadows seem to have a mind of their own rather than nested or layered Wimmelbild, suggestions of fractal elements, or complementary geometries that often feature in your work.
    Thanks Noel

    • Bit of both – titles and text are intended to influence interpretation.

      There’s a lot of angular shadow/chaos here, deliberately enhanced with wider perspectives to suggest convergence rather than the usual longer/rectilinear structure I use…

  3. Thank you for sharing the series, I enjoyed viewing it and hope to learn from the compositions as well.

    (By the way, did you intentionally double-post the metro trains shot?)

  4. J’apprécie énormément le jeux avec les lignes et les ombres.
    Bravo !!!

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