Photoessay: Singapore snippets

H51-B0012542 copy
Trapped in an order only an outsider can see

Like the Prague Singles, there are those few images at the end of the post-trip or post-shoot curation that really don’t fit into any common category or curation – yet for some reason or other, an emotional attachment has developed and you’re loath to throw them away. They become your albatrosses; probably of no significance to anybody else other than the imaginator. Why? Because there’s a story there that’s triggered a memory, your imagination, or some flight of whimsical fancy; it’s incongruous, unexpected and fleeting. Titles are necessary. MT

This series was shot with a Hasselblad H5D-50C and H6D-50C, various lenses and post processed with Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow III.

H51-B0012499 copy
Even gods require technical support and refreshment

H51-B0012301 copy
Cutouts of a two dimensional world

H51-B0011628 copy

H51-B0012453 copy
The neoclassical modern cubist conflict

H51-B0012280 copy
Memories of last night

H51-B0012786 copy
A little less organic than was previously imagined

H51-B0011517 copy
Looming threats

H51-B0011322 copy
The third leg

H51-B0012736 copy
Sim City

H51-B0012665 copy
Brave new world


Ultraprints from this series are available on request here


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  1. This is a really great set!

    7/11 and towers out of the canopy stand out to me.

  2. The construction worker with the gods above is really good. That’s definitely a keeper. But it’s sad to see the same international brands in Singapore as in Stockholm – Coca Cola, Seven Eleven ….

  3. Pavel P. says:

    Great photos !

  4. Pavel P. says:

    Hi, you wrote “titles are needed”. There are opinions, that descriptive titles uncovering authors point should be avoided as the photograph should tell it itself. Also viewer is influnced and he/she can’t discover the “wit” of the photo. For example your title “Even gods require technical support….”. I am on neither side now. I used tihles, than I stopped using them, and now I am hesitant again. Any ideas on it?

  5. Very nice Ming! Off topic: My extra sensory perception is telling me that you’ll have a major announcement to make very soon 😉

  6. jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    Woo hoo !!!
    I always look forward to seeing another one of your posts, Ming – and you never let your fans down. These are wonderful images!

  7. Lovely to look at. Each image with enough inner strength – beauty and a narrative of its own.

  8. very nice !!!


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